Albert Gallatin—the founder of NYU—wanted the institution to be “in and of the city.” He envisioned a university that embraced the cosmopolitan and innovative nature of its hometown. Since NYU’s founding in 1831, New York City has become a place where 30 percent of the population is international and more than 200 languages are spoken. Therefore, NYU evolved along with it. Now, the University is not just in and of the city but also in and of the world.

Comprised of 14 global locations on six continents, the NYU global network provides students with new perspectives. It also helps them gain international experience and allows them to learn without limits. Take a look at what makes NYU Paris, NYU London, and NYU Tel Aviv unique as they turn 50, 20, and 10, respectively.

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In addition to being a city at the forefront of political discourse and technological advancement, Paris is a city with a history of exceptional higher education. That’s why NYU Paris was the second site established in the NYU global network. Founded in 1969 as a center for the immersive study of French, NYU Paris is celebrating 50 years of academic excellence. And while it continues to be a draw for Francophiles, it is equally appealing to students in diverse fields, from art history to computer science.

The academic center is in the city’s Latin Quarter, where students have studied since the Middle Ages. In this enlightening environment, academic exchanges and place-based study are hard to miss. NYU Paris classes are often held at museums and historical sites. Some also explore the modern parts of Paris. In addition to all of NYU’s offerings, students have the opportunity to supplement their schedule with courses at renowned French universities like the Sorbonne and Sciences Po.

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Business, the arts, history, and science: London has it all. That’s why establishing an NYU academic center here in 1999 was an important step for the NYU academic community. Although English is the language of instruction at all of NYU’s global locations, NYU London offers a wealth of internship, research, and advanced study opportunities for students who lack fluency in other languages.

NYU London is an especially good choice for students majoring in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. Why? Because students can take required courses, like Organic Chemistry, that are identical to the courses taught at their home campus. In fact, NYU is the only institution in London to offer science courses approved by the American Medical College Application Service. That means NYU students who are thinking about going to medical school can stay on track with their degree while studying abroad.

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In a region whose history dates back thousands of years, Tel Aviv is a young city. It is also rapidly gaining a reputation as a hub for tech start-ups. Learning in a city with such a clear juxtaposition of past, present, and future offers NYU students a rich world of possibilities. Here, they can gain new perspectives and firsthand knowledge of topics as varied as archaeology and Israeli cinema. And a special internship program gives NYU students unique access to Tel Aviv’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, including opportunities at start-ups, accelerators, innovation hubs, and financial firms.

Cat has been telling NYU stories for nearly 10 years with NYU’s University Relations and Public Affairs Office of Marketing Communications and is constantly inspired by what the people of this community make real. She’s also a proud alum of the NYU MFA program in creative writing, and runs a literary magazine in her free time. When she needs to get away from words, she does work in her neighborhood gardens and parks.