Get to Know NYU Tel Aviv

Nathan Healy

What’s it like at NYU Tel Aviv? Sussan Garcia, an NYU Abu Dhabi student majoring in Arab Crossroads Studies, takes us through a day in her life in Tel Aviv.  She talks about why she loves this city and why it was the right study away choice for her.

Tel Aviv is a global city that sits on the Mediterranean. It is home to countless start-ups and an active modern art scene.

City skyline of Tel Aviv

Students at NYU Tel Aviv live in a spacious, modern residence hall in a charming neighborhood known as Old North. The residence hall has a communal kitchen, among other amenities.

the exterior courtyard of the NYU Tel Aviv residence hall

On the popular Graffiti Tour, students learn about artistic and political movements in neighborhoods across the city.

NYU Tel Aviv students stand on a grafitti lined street observing the art

The city has a bustling cafe culture and beautiful weather. Students often linger at outdoor cafes after class to study or chat.

Students stroll in front of a cafe in Tel Aviv

Classes often meet in nearby museums and the NYU Tel Aviv staff organize day trips to sites like the Old City of Jerusalem.

students observe an artifact in a museum in Tel Aviv