Romaine Haffendon: Dreaming Big

I want to encourage everyone to dream big

Romaine Haffendon

According to Romaine Haffendon, there’s no problem that a hot, fluffy stack of pancakes can’t solve. That’s what the Accounting major proved when he & a fellow resident assistant (RA) took 30 students from NYU’s Founders Hall to IHOP for a free event they named Pancakes and Feelings. “It’s a chance for the residents to talk to each other, bond, & vent about their current problems,” Romaine says. “The other RA and I provide advice when we can.”

Crunching Numbers

When he isn’t doling out words of wisdom to underclassmen, he’s busy preparing himself to enter the field of forensic accounting. He has built up quite a body of knowledge over his four years at NYU, enough so that he graduated this spring with a combined bachelor’s/master’s degree that will allow him to go for his CPA license during the summer. With those credentials Romaine hopes to land a job on the forensic accounting squad at the US Department of Justice, where he interned last summer, and eventually rise in the ranks of the organization to become a special agent for the FBI.

Reaching Out

It’s a lofty goal, but Romaine, who came to NYU as part of the Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP), feels he is more than prepared for it. Romaine minored in Public Policy & Management and feels it’s his duty to use his accounting & investigative skills to help others. He’s tutored young refugees from war-torn countries, helped lead criminal justice workshops for teenage inmates on Rikers Island, & volunteered with a Holocaust survivor.

Going Forward

After graduation, Romaine will continue to use his forensic accounting skills at Ernst & Young, which has a fraud investigative practice. What would he tell prospective Opportunity Program students like himself? “I want to encourage everyone to take advantage of everything that comes their way, dream big, & see where an NYU education can lead them.”