Catching up with friends over that first cup of coffee in the cafeteria. Jogging down the sidewalk to get to class on time. Watching the sun come up after a night spent studying. College is about receiving a great education, but it’s also about the familiar rhythms of campus life. Over the past six months, NYU has put safety first. But while classes and clubs moved online, the promise of a world-class NYU education remained. Now, with every precautionary measure in place, in-person learning is back. And thanks to NYU’s global network of 13 academic centers and three campuses, eligible undergraduates have the option to be back on campus this fall. Through NYU’s Go Local option, students can take classes at the NYU campus closest to wherever they call home.

Large outdoor hallway in DC
Skyline view of DC near Washington Monument
Shanghai to Washington, DC

William Howard, a Social Science major at NYU Shanghai, has always valued the NYU community’s rich diversity of perspectives. When he read about the Go Local initiative last spring, he decided it was the perfect opportunity to experience a new city and new people—and to cultivate the community he craved. William explains, “In my first year at NYU, I learned so much through informal conversations with friends, classmates, and professors. While you can learn a lot online, being on campus is where you connect with people with different worldviews. It’s where you exchange ideas, experiences, and stories. I can’t wait to get back on campus, continue my studies, and make new friends in Washington, DC.”

Waterway in London
New York City to London

When the pandemic struck, Zeenya Patel, a rising junior at Steinhardt, left New York and headed back to Singapore. The Spring semester was challenging, as she navigated Zoom classes and time zones. Then, she got an email about Go Local. “I have a British passport, and a lot of family and friends in London, so it was a perfect opportunity to explore something different in a new environment,” Zeenya explains. “The best part about university is being on campus, attending classes in person, and getting to learn from both students and teachers. I can’t wait to form those meaningful connections.”

Buildings in Berlin
A row of bikes next to an entrance of a building
Abu Dhabi to Berlin

Hubert Garrish, a Theatre and Political Science major at NYU Abu Dhabi, was studying away in New York City when his classes moved online. He packed his bags and flew home to Germany, hoping he’d be back in New York by summer. As the days turned to weeks and a quick resolution looked increasingly unlikely, Hubert read about Go Local. Soon after, he applied to attend NYU Berlin. “I can’t wait to have a sense of normalcy again in a time when nothing seems close to that,” Hubert says. “I didn’t really apply to NYU because of its global network, despite the campus in Abu Dhabi, but in a time of travel restrictions and so much uncertainty, I am so grateful for it. This crisis is surely proof that it is a huge advantage to be a student at NYU.”