Autumn foliage in Washington Square Park.

With the Fall season approaching, we know you’re about to embark on your college journey and we hope it includes visiting our campus without walls — New York University! To help welcome you not only to our campus, but the world of higher education, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions invites you to join us at our NYU Fall Open House. 

This weekend program — filled with exciting and informative sessions — is curated to help you cultivate your passion, explore your identity and design your college journey, from your own imagination. So where do we begin?  


Let's Talk All Things Academic!

Let’s talk about academics! NYU’s 10 Schools and Colleges, organized under 5 broader subject areas, offers students a limitless selection of academic options. With an integrative and globally inspired curriculum, there are multiple ways to pursue your interests. 

Register for a School Spotlight Session — you’re welcome to attend more than one! In addition, you’ll have the chance to get to know academic communities a little more, via complementary sessions, academic breakouts or a school tour being hosted right after the session. No matter the option, you’ll be sure to learn more about the resources available, so you can decide on  the best fit for YOU.

Beyond the Classroom: Education without Limits.

Our community is a melting pot of ideas, cultures and interests. New York City is as vibrant as you might have guessed. At NYU, students experience life beyond the four walls to better prepare them to excel in the real world. In our Beyond the Classroom: Finding your community at NYU session, ask all of your  pressing questions on internships, working on and off campus and even opportunities to study abroad. 

Moreover, we know that college might mean moving away from the home you know. But living within the NYU community just might be one of the best highlights of your college experience. But don’t take our word for it. Attend the Guide to Residential Life session and learn all about life in the residential halls — from picking a roommate to first year amenities to help you transition to New York. 

Speaking of transitioning to New York life, college is a door that will open your world to many new perspectives, backgrounds and identities. At NYU, global and diverse thought is not only celebrated but an integral part of our student body. Gain a better scope of how community and advocacy can shape your own inner activist in our  Identity and Advocacy @ NYU hosted by the Center for Multicultural Education and Program.



NY - YOU: Finding your fit. Finding your community.

At NYU, you’ll realize that community is an unparalleled experience. From the peers you’ll meet on campus to resources provided throughout your four years, support will always be offered and available! So why not allow the unexpected to happen? 

Take an ambassador-led Campus Tour and make a friend! Or, join us at the All University Lounge, which features representatives from essential departments on campus. Plus, representatives from our Schools and Colleges will also be present. So if you couldn’t make a Spotlight session, you’ll still be able to get your questions answered!

Fall Virtual Programs: There’s even more to Explore!

While Fall Open House is your one-stop-shop on all things NYU, there are more opportunities available virtually as well. Check out our Unmuted Series and Zoom In Series, hosted virtually by our Admissions Counselors. These informal conversations explore a variety of topics, interests and perspectives from behind the admissions curtain. 

But we know sometimes the best person to speak to is someone who just gets it — like  a current college student! So be sure to drop into our Ambassadors Chats, being hosted throughout the Fall. NYU ambassadors are NYU experts. They can share the real tea on college life — from balancing your academics to managing your budget.

By the end of the season, you’ll be an NYU pro! Questions or compliments? Reach out to us at [email protected]! We look forward to hosting you on the Square, and across the Silver screen.

Dashka Gabriel, called Dash by most, is one of the Assistant Directors of Special Events and Visitor Relations in the Office of Enrollment Management. An alumna of NYU’s Public Relations M.S. program, she’s passionate about creating experiences that bring people of all backgrounds to the greatest city in the world. When she’s not running around behind the scenes, she enjoys exploring her Brooklyn neighborhood, playing (and winning!) Broadway musical lotteries, and having a solo movie night at the Alamo Drafthouse.