How to Prepare for a Virtual Candidate Weekend

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Your invitation to Candidate Weekend might come with some bittersweet feelings this year. On the one hand, you’re joining us—and that’s a reason to celebrate! But you aren’t flying to Abu Dhabi to experience it and that’s where the bitterness comes in. We know that you’re likely disappointed—we are too. Our faculty, staff, and students always look forward to welcoming each new cohort of candidates for each event. COVID-19, however, is foiling those plans. As the virus rages on, to ensure everyone’s safety, we have no choice but to operate the event virtually. That then begs the question: how do you prepare for a virtual Candidate Weekend?

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Read, Read, Read

Don’t lose your NYU login information. Access to our Candidate Weekend portal will appear on your Applicant Status Page after you’re invited. You’ll need that login information to reach it. That portal has tons of helpful information and it can be a bit overwhelming when you first open it. Don’t disregard it! Anything that you need to know or prepare for will be in that portal. There’s a lot to read through—if anything remains unclear, feel free to reach out to us. Candidate Weekend, just like NYU Abu Dhabi, is a unique experience. We strive to ensure that everything that you need to know in advance is available online. But if you have any lingering questions, reach out! We’re happy to answer your questions as best we can.

Prepare Your Environment

Candidate Weekend is an important opportunity for you to determine if NYU Abu Dhabi will be a great fit for you. Even though it’s a virtual event and you’ll likely log in from home or school, you’ll want to ensure that your environment isn’t distracting you. You’ll be able to log in using a smartphone, tablet, or computer and you can do so from wherever you like. We recommend that you find a quiet location with minimal distractions and a secure internet connection. Engage with the experience at a time that’s most convenient for you, but remember that some sessions are live. We’re planning our live sessions to ensure that you’ll have access to one regardless of wherever you are in the world. Plan in advance to ensure that you can devote your full attention to it!

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This Event Is for You—and You Alone

We get many questions about Candidate Weekend and there’s one in particular that always becomes the most popular: How will NYUAD evaluate me?

Here’s the thing: this event is more for you than it is for us. You will fully take part—watch videos, read our content, and answer polls. Don’t worry: you won’t have to take a surprise math test, conduct a presentation, or sit for an interview. Our academic experience is unique. We want to introduce you to what it’s like to pursue that experience with us and there’s a lot that comes with that! We know it’s easier said than done, but try not to think about demonstrating your fit for us. Instead, focus on determining if we’re a good fit for you. Do deep reflective work and ask yourselfdoes NYU Abu Dhabi feel like your ideal next chapter?