Navigating NYU’s Virtual Fall Events

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If I had to pick a theme for 2020, I’d say it’s the year of doing things differently. For example, the way we connect with friends and loved ones is different. And the way we celebrate and socialize is different. And even the way we learn is different this year. So as we approach the start of a new admissions cycle, the way applicants will “visit” colleges will also be different. Like many schools all over the country, NYU has transitioned its events online. And we’re excited to share our virtual Fall events with you. 

To help you navigate our virtual fall events better, we’ve divided them into 4 categories. And you can learn about all of them below. Although we can’t welcome you to our campus physically, we hope these events will allow you to take an even deeper dive into all of NYU’s offerings and resources. So if you decide to attend one or all of them, you’ll be happy you came.

1. Get to Know NYU

These events are a great place to begin your virtual fall event journey. And that’s because they lay the foundation about who we are as an institution and provide an overview of other upcoming events. 

Virtual Information Sessions

Our virtual information sessions help you learn more about our campus. At each session, an admissions counselor gives an overview of NYU’s application process. During the session, a panel of three current students shares their perspective on NYU student life and more. Most importantly, those in the virtual audience have a chance to ask the students questions through the Q&A function. Register for our virtual information session.

NYU Abu Dhabi Virtual Information Sessions

These virtual events give you an inside look at life at our Abu Dhabi campus. During the session, you get to learn all about what’s it’s like to live and study in one of the most diverse regions in the world. Register for our NYU Abu Dhabi information session. And don’t forget to check out our Abu Dhabi virtual campus and city tour.

NYU Shanghai Virtual Information Sessions

Here’s your chance to get to know our Shanghai campus better. Wanna dive even deeper? After the session, schedule a virtual coffee chat with an admissions counselor or take a virtual 360-degree tour.

Regional Virutal Events

Our regional virtual events let you hear from your regional admissions counselor. Although the counselors won’t have the chance to meet you in person this year, virtual recruitment presents a really unique opportunity. That’s because student ambassadors from the region can now join the counselors “on the road.” And during the session, the students get to share what it was like transitioning from their hometown to the big city. Register for a virtual regional event near you.


Global Network Information Session

NYU is proud to be a global university. And we can’t wait to share that excitement with you. These sessions give you a chance to examine our various global opportunities. From study abroad programs to our two-degree granting campuses in Shanghai and Abu Dhabi, we’ve got you covered. Most importantly, this virtual fall event lets you travel through our global network from the comfort of your couch. Register for our next global network information session.

Destination: NYU

This virtual fall event allows you to hear from the people who truly make NYU a special place–our students. And they can’t wait to dish all about their experience. So get ready to be inspired by student stories and talents!

2. NYU At Your Service

We want you to know we’re here for you. During this event, you get to learn about all the support we can offer at these virtual fall events.

Navigating the College Application

If you’ve made the decision that you want to apply to NYU, this is a virtual fall event you don’t want to miss. That’s because we’re giving you an inside look at the common application. In other words, you’ll learn about setting up your account, writing the essay, asking for letters of recommendation, and so much more.

NYU For Parents

A session tailored to parents who want to learn how to help their student feel confident and prepared in applying to college. So whether it’s their first time or their fourth time in the admissions journey, our panel of experts from across the university will highlight key resources for parents and students. During the session, parents can ask questions and learn about ways to connect with our staff. 

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3. The NYU Academic Advantage

NYU is known for its academic rigor and world class faculty. These virtual fall events help you learn all about the classroom experience.

School Spotlight

NYU is home to 10 undergraduate schools and colleges that offer over 230 majors. Therefore, these sessions allow faculty and staff from each school to talk about what makes their school unique. During each session, you’ll hear about academics, faculty, and school-specific resources. Sign up for as many that work with your schedule and interests.

NYU Trailblazers Series

Our Trailblazers series is quite a treat because it gives you another chance to hear from our esteemed faculty. These brief, but impactful TED Talk-style mini lectures feature research and insights from our top professors. Check out our past trailblazer lectures or register for our upcoming sessions.

4. Life at NYU

Just because you can’t visit us in person, doesn’t mean you can’t learn all about life at NYU. This series of virtual events dives deep into the unique NYU student experience.

A Day in the Life as an NYU Student

The life of an NYU student is truly one of a kind. So we’re giving you the opportunity to hear from them at this virtual event. During the panel discussion, they’ll share what’s like to live and study in one of the greatest cities in the world. This is a panel discussion you don’t want to miss. Register here.

Finding Support and Community

Finding your community in a big city might sound like an impossible feat. But NYU students find community in many places. So during this event, we chat with a panel of administrators and students from across the university to showcase the layers of support available to students. Register here.


To say that we are disappointed we can’t welcome you to campus in person would be a huge understatement. However, our hope is that, through our virtual fall events, you will get the support you need and answers to all of your burning questions. From hearing from our students to sitting in on NYU classes, we are thrilled to share our world with you. So don’t worry about not being able to come to us this Fall. Because we are so excited to bring our virtual fall events to you. Meet us in your living room!