NYU Home for the Weekend: Your Go-To Navigation Guide

Learn how to make the best of this weekend.

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Welcome to New York University! In the midst of a historic year, your hard work and dedication has paid off. And while we’re celebrating this moment in the virtual space, we’ve got an exciting weekend in store for you! 

NYU’s Home for the Weekend is a two-day virtual event tailored just for you—the Class of 2025. Over the course of the weekend, explore your potential home away from home via a variety of sessions and programs—plus, there’s an opportunity to win an exclusive Class of 2025 swag bag!

TLDR? This weekend is meant to highlight your achievements. Get to know NYU through academic, social and community-building experiences. Your go-to guide on how to make the most of the weekend is below. Let’s get started! 

How To Register for NYU Home for the Weekend

The best place to start your journey is at the beginning. Step one will arrive in the form of an email. In the first few days of April, you’ll receive an invitation from NYU Admissions with your personalized registration link. Click on it, confirm your information, and create a password for your profile! 

Once you’ve created your profile, you will have the option to preview the agenda. This is a great opportunity to browse through sessions, soak in descriptions that tie to your interest and inquiries, and plan ahead by adding sessions to “My Agenda.”

Pro Tip: The link you use to register for Home for the Weekend is the same link you’ll use to access the live content on April 10 and 11—or if you want to watch a session “on demand” at any point afterwards—so keep that link handy.

Your Agenda

Speaking of adding sessions to your personalized agenda. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Hover over the “Agenda” tab on your dashboard and select “Schedule.” This will show you the full list of events. The default view is “list view,” but you can also change it to a a calendar view by clicking on—you guessed it—”calendar view.” All the content is tailored by school, so you’re only going to see the sessions that are relevant to you. 

To add something to your agenda (from either calendar or list view), hover over the item and click the “+” to reserve your spot. It should update to a green checked box.

Pro Tip: Every action earns you points that takes you one step closer to possibly winning that Swag Bag. Not all actions are created equal. Adding a profile picture to your account, or adding your school’s academic session (called your “School Spotlight” or “Campus Spotlight”) to your agenda earn you 100 points each. Start off strong by making those actions a priority.


Want to check that something was successfully added to your agenda? Go back to to the top of your dashboard and hover over “Agenda.” This time, click on “My Agenda” instead of “Schedule” to see everything that’s saved to your personal agenda.

Next, let’s look at the different types of sessions you can access during Home for the Weekend.

NYU Live

Under the “NYU Live” tab in the navigation, you’ll find three different types of sessions.

School/Campus Spotlights

School/Campus Spotlights provide you a chance to dive deeper into academia, specific to your area of study or even your major. You’ll  hear from faculty, current students, and even alumni. This is your big opportunity to connect with community members from the specific school or college you’ve been admitted to. If you attend nothing else over the course of the weekend, don’t miss this session.

NYU Live Sessions

Additionally, our NYU Live and informational sessions help your learn about support available outside the classroom! Spanning from Residential Life to Financial Education, these programs will allow you to learn why NYU is home to the earth’s boldest thinkers, innovators and wave-makers.

Pro Tip: While browsing any of the sessions, glance through the pages. You’ll find complementary digital files and content to further explore on your own or with your family!

NYU In Concert

Likewise, if you need a break between sessions, check out NYU in Concert. These live student performances showcase the eclectic musical talents of students studying at NYU’s The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music Each student performance is 10 minutes and after each session, the recording is available “on demand.”

Student Expo

Our student life is composed of an array of organizations centered around enriching your college experience and personal interests. Get to know the NYU Community via virtual booths in The Student Experience Expo. Student and administrative representatives will be present to answer any questions you have!

The exhibitors are listed in alphabetical order for easy sorting. Once you find an exhibitor you’d like to speak with, click on their profile. If there’s someone available to speak, you’ll see a “talk now” button on their profile.

Pro Tip: The Student Experience Expo is taking place from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm ET,  but NYU ambassadors and admissions officers will be available throughout the day! So don’t rush—visit the booths and concerts between sessions.

Financial Aid 1:1s

Exploring your college community is definitely a priority, but you might also have some specific questions you need answers to—especially when reviewing your financial package. Our recommendation? Schedule a private appointment with a Financial Aid specialist who can help you navigate through next steps and deadlines. 

These appointments are 15 minutes long. So come with your questions prepared and ready to take notes! In addition, if you’re unable to book at appointment, don’t worry—more times will be available via your Admitted Student Home Base!

Need Help? Get Support

If you’re having technical issues at any point, you can click on the top left corner of your screen on the “Need help? Get support” icon. This will open a chat bot that has some quick answers.

If you don’t see the answer to the question you have, click the “contact us” button and submit a ticket. You can also reach out to admissions.events@nyu.edu.

Good To-Knows:

Here a few other items to consider as you navigate through Home for the Weekend:

  1. Win NYU Swag: Almost every action you take can earn you points and places you into a raffle where a select amount of attendees will be chosen to receive an exclusive NYU Class of 2025 Swag Bag. Click on the Win NYU Swag to learn more!
  2. Accessibility is Key: At NYU, inclusivity and accessibility is a priority. Accommodations are available upon request and should be submitted to mosescsa@nyu.edu at least 72 hours in advance. A majority of sessions will be closed captioned.
  3. NYU On-Demand: There are many sessions available to attend this weekend, but if you miss one, you can still view it at a later time via our On-Demand Feature! Additionally, we’ll be sharing some of these sessions on your NYU Home Base. 

There’s so much more in store…

Above all, keep in mind that NYU’s Home for the Weekend is only the kick-off to celebrating your admission to New York University!

Throughout the month of April, you’ll have access to register for more exciting virtual experiences and programs, including our esteemed Trailblazers series, Campus Resource Spotlights and our Alumni Future in Focus series. You can learn more about other admitted student events here

Again, Congratulations and Welcome Home – we look forward to hosting you!