What to Expect from NYU Admissions During Winter Recess

Be prepared, submit early, and enjoy your winter break!

Families enjoy the snow in Washington Square Park during winter recess.
NYU will be closed for winter recess starting at 4:00 p.m. (ET) Wednesday, December 23 through 9:00 a.m. (ET) January 4.

Everyone deserves a break, including admissions officers. However, we know NYU’s winter recess falls during a critical time for students, and we are here for you as you work on your application. Here’s some advice on common situations you may run into and how to handle them.

The Application Deadline

Our Early Decision II application deadline is Friday, January 1 and our Regular Decision application deadline is Tuesday, January 5 at 11:59 p.m. in your local time zone. However, I strongly recommend that you submit your application early. Why wait, right?

Application Processing

We will continue processing applications and receive mail deliveries throughout the break. After you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation from the Common App, but it can take up to 10 business days for us to receive, process, and confirm we have your application. If you submit your application on January 1, that means it can take until January 15 for us to confirm we have your application! Be proactive and submit your application early to avoid, “Did they get it?” stress.

Pro tip: Status checks by phone and email will begin January 15, but you can always check the status of your application, upload new materials, and request updates to your file via the NYU Applicant Portal. You can read this article for more information: “Got Questions? NYU’s Applicant Status Portal Has Answers.”

Handling Technical Issues

We love technology, but sometimes it doesn’t work. If you encounter technical problems while submitting your application or any additional materials, please contact the Common Application directly through their website at commonapp.org. We are unlikely to be able to extend the application deadline due to technical issues, so be proactive and submit your application early to avoid last-minute technical problems that could cause your application to not be submitted.

Are you noticing a theme?

Supporting Materials

All documents in support of your application can be submitted through the Common Application Recommenders portal, via email by a school official to [email protected], or by postal mail*. Your transcripts and standardized test scores are only considered official when they are either sent directly to NYU from the testing agency or submitted in one of the three ways listed above. Any transcripts sent by email must bear an official stamp, come from a school official, and be sent from an official school email address. While your application must be submitted before the application deadline, it is okay if your supporting materials are received a few days (but, only a few days) after the application deadline.

*Due to the pandemic, we have experienced delays in postal mail deliveries. If you are able, we recommend that documents be submitted electronically.

If you need anything else during winter recess, you can visit the Undergraduate Admissions website, which has the most up-to-date information, review the Application Tips section of Meet NYU for more application advice, or email us at [email protected]

See you in 2021!