So, you’re thinking about becoming a Mathematics major. Or maybe you’re curious what math is like at NYU—how taking a few courses might round out your academic experience. Either way, you’ve come to the right place!

Math is one of the most versatile subjects. It covers a wide range of topics, including calculus, data science, and geometry, just to name a few. Furthermore, graduates work in every field, from education and finance to engineering and medicine.

“Studying math is not easy. But it makes up for the difficulty in excitement!” exclaims senior Panos Oikonomou, a double major in Physics and Mathematics at NYU Abu Dhabi. “Each semester, you build up incredible results from scratch. Above all, you learn how to stop yourself from following a familiar pathway to a solution. Instead, you take the time to find different avenues that yield more insight.”

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A professor writing an equation on a whiteboard.

NYU’s Math HQ

When it comes to math at NYU, the first thing you need to know is that the University is home to the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, one of the world’s leading mathematics research centers. While there are many different paths to study math and its related subjects, Courant brings everyone together in one thriving community.

Two Degree Options

At NYU, there are two different ways to major in Mathematics. First, you can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree at the College of Arts and Science (CAS), where your studies focus more on the humanities. Alternately, you can earn a Bachelor of Science degree at the Tandon School of Engineering, where your curriculum includes engineering courses. Note that you can also pursue a minor through each school.

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Or Narrow Your Focus

If you are excited about a particular application of math, or you already have an idea of where you’d like your degree to take you, you may want to specialize with one of the following options:

  • Business with a concentration in statistics (major at the Stern School of Business)
  • Computer Science and Mathematics (major and minor at CAS)
  • Data Science and Mathematics (major at CAS)
  • Economics and Mathematics (major at CAS)
  • Individualized Study of Mathematics (concentration at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study)
  • Physics and Mathematics (major at Tandon)
  • Teaching Mathematics (major at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development)

Plus, NYU offers two minor-only programs:

  • Advanced Mathematical Methods (minor for Stern students)
  • Feminism and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (minor at Tandon)
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The Next Frontier: Data Science

Data science is at the cutting edge of mathematical advances. “Whether you are looking at medicine, public policy, or business, data science is an integral part of nearly every field,” says Sarath Kareti. He’s a senior Data Science major who has applied his studies to real-world scenarios through internships with Defenders of Wildlife and Peloton. “These numbers are how we tell stories and make sense of the world. They allow us to make a difference in people’s lives.”

At NYU, you have access to the Center for Data Science, an interdisciplinary research center that leads the world in harnessing data’s potential. Your pathways include:

  • Business with a concentration in computing and data science (major at Stern)
  • Computer and Data Science (major at CAS)
  • Data Science (major or minor at CAS)
  • Data Science and Mathematics (major at CAS)
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Math at Other NYU Campuses

If you know you want to pursue math, keep in mind that New York City isn’t the only place to study it at NYU!

A Final Note

Math is an ever-changing field, so don’t feel like you have to decide right away. Instead, give yourself time to explore! For junior David Obwaya, the path to becoming an Economics major with a Mathematics minor was a bumpy one. To decide between majors in Computer Science, Economics, and Math, he took a variety of courses and joined clubs like Scholars of Finance. As he puts it, “I’m not a person who likes to just sit with what I learn. I like to apply it. I came to NYU with an open mind and discovered that I want to go into the financial industry.” With internships at Blackstone and Goldman Sachs, David is already on his way.