In the special effects makeup class at NYU Tisch with Professor Rob Benevides, students learn how to create everything from light bruises to full alien heads. Film and TV major Ryan Brideau takes us through why she loves the studio course—all while creating a custom look:

Monster Magic: SFX Make-Up at the Tisch School of the Arts

Every year around Halloween, Benevides leads a themed demonstration for NYU students who want to try their hand at special effects makeup.

Professors Benevidas demonstrates special effects make up on a student volunteer

Students can try their hand at masks, scars, and scabs using the supplies on hand.

student painting a mask

Benevides also teaches the basics of how to color and apply a foam latex prosthetic.

Benavides applying a foam latex mask to a model's face

Finished looks go on display to provide inspiration—it’s never too early to start planning next year’s costume.

display featuring monster masks such as a werewolf, zombie Abraham Lincoln, zombie orc, and cobra man