According to Alicia Keys, New York is the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of”. Those dreams include that of up-and-coming creatives, new wave foodies, fashionistas and revolutionary thinkers who arrive here from around the globe! 

And this powerhouse combination of talent, passion and purpose is distributed throughout the city and its accompanying boroughs. You’ll likely find yourself captivated by subway dancers, mindfulness talks, and ultimate frisbee competitions all at the same time. 

Subsequently, with so many happenings, well, happening, where do you start? Here’s my social media round-up of instagrams, podcasts and listservs that can help you get up to speed on all things NYC:

Disclaimer: The content listed here is solely a reflection of the writer and is not affiliated with or endorsed by New York University.


History shapes New York’s habitat. Moreover, at NYU, you’ll be in and of the city! This includes passing historic buildings, radical movements and interacting with native movers and shakers. If history is your jam, or a topic of interest, consider these social media accounts:

New York Historical Society
Instagram - Historical Society of New York

The city’s oldest history museum always shares gems from its archives, with insightful facts that might be useful for trivia. On the other hand, it’s also great for sneak peeks at the museum’s current and upcoming exhibits. Check it out: @nyhistory

Young Gotham
Instagram - Young Gotham

This username says it all. This instagram focuses on “New York before 1840,” showcasing 19th-century architecture back in the day, and in its current, preserved state. Scout out your next instagram backdrop here – and include history notes in your caption! Check it out: Young_Gotham

Bowery Boys
Podcast - Bowery Boys

Named one of the best podcasts about NYC history, the Bowery Boys spotlight fascinating history, spanning from moving day (which used to be May 1st for everyone) to Chinese food takeout (a staple in the New York diet).  Additionally, their instagram isn’t too shabby. Check them out: Bowery Boys


If there’s one thing that evolves throughout college, it’ll be your fashion sense. NYC street style is an open invitation to express yourself, whether it’s fresh off the runway or your auntie’s vintage. Here are a few influencers for the ever-evolving style maven. 

NYU Fashion
Instagram - NYU Fashion

Why not get your daily dose of instagram inspiration from your own peers? This growing instagram showcases the individual stylings of NYU students from across our campus sites. Get the scoop on beauty and fashion products, conversations and events. Check it out: NYU.Fashion

NYC Looks
Instagram - NYU Looks

Perfect for a mood board or the mornings where you have “nothing to wear”, this instagram showcases the avante-garde fun found in portrait mode. Browse through everyday street style, and learn what inspires the eclectic, hi to low looks from these standout self-stylists. Check it out: NYC_Looks

Eva Chen
Instagram - Eva Chen

In contrast, if you aspire to work in the elite Fashion industry, this is the instagram account for you. You’ll find comprehensive stories, outfits for every occasion, clips from the runway and the signature #evachenpose (shoe-lovers will be immensely satisfied). Check her out: Eva Chen

Kelly Augustine
Kelly Augustine - Website

Above all, New York fashion is intersectional with social climate. This lifestyle and beauty blogger aims to “push the needle forward in terms of representation.” She brings attention to inclusivity in the fashion industry, and helps to increase awareness on the topic in true style. Check her out: Kelly Augustine


Let’s just keep it 100 – in New York, eating out is part of our lifestyle. Whether a monthly brunch or a late-night meal, satisfying your taste buds is a priority. Ultimately, from specific food accommodations to an adventurous palette, NYC menus have got you covered. 

NY College Bites
CollegeBites Instragram

Proclaimed as the cuisine contemplations of a college student, you’ll find deliciously captured meals accompanied by affordable price points. Balancing food satisfaction with your budget is an easy win, if you ask me! Check it out: nycollegebites

Girl Eats NYC
Instragam Girl Eats NYC

While I fully relate to this title, I don’t have the review skills of Lori L. Aided by her canon camera, this instagram reflects an all you can eat buffet, alongside helpful restaurant tags. Moreover, check out her Yelp reviews too – she’s been elite since 2014! Check her out: Girl Eats NYC

Brooklyn Foodie
Brooklyn Bites Instagram

Don’t fret, future Brooklyn inhabitants. Good food is a staple across all bridges. If you’ll be calling BK home for the next 4 years, this instagram will help you explore the best bites around town, including a heaven-sent number of pizza places to try out. Check it out: Brooklyn Foodie


Like everything mentioned so far on this list, New York’s art scene is eclectic. My favorite aspect of art? Its ability to remain contemporary throughout time. From fine art to a more renegade approach, different mediums speak about the world at large. Scout them out on these profiles.

Art Observed
Instagram - art observed

There are a lot of museums in New York, but get up to speed with just one instagram! Featuring contemporary round-ups and fine art news, you’ll be informed about upcoming events that are geared towards the museum enthusiast and newbie, alike.  Check it out: @artobserved

Museum Hack
instagram -museum hack

Museums aren’t for everybody, but there are ways to enjoy art in the modern age. Called a “gateway hack into the art world”, view ever-entertaining stories on Museum Hack’s socials, accompanied by emojis and hip hop lyrics galore. These posts are sure to make you laugh on a gloomy day. Check it out: @MuseumHack

Whos Who?
Instgram - Who's Who

Who runs this instagram account? Nobody knows. You’ll find yourself intrigued by side-by-side comparisons of artworks that look strikingly similar, with the artist’s names included in the caption. This account can introduce you to new artists and inspire burgeoning artists to take a fresh take. Check it out: @whos____who

NYU Grey Art Gallery
Instagram - NYU Grey

I’d be remiss not to mention our very own Grey Art Gallery’s instagram! NYU’s fine art museum functions to preserve, study, and document the evidence of human culture. Bookmark the webpage to stay informed on pioneering conversations, often free with your NYU ID. Check it out: NYU Grey


I’m not a frequent Times Square visitor, but there’s something electric about the white lights and billboard signs. Live theatre and movie theaters are a great escape for city dwellers. If you’re new to the world of theatre or looking to expand your film forte,  ease on down this internet road:
Instagram. - Wicked

If the title weren’t a large enough context clue, the playbills you’ll scroll through might be. Stay tuned in to all the Broadway Buzz via this central hub, from celebrity show cameos to behind-the-scenes clips to inspiring words from stars of the stage. Check it out:

Humans of Broadway
Instagram - Humans of Broadway

Broadway is known for its glitz and the glamour, but it’s refreshing to see reality. The stripped down side of the industry features instagram interviews with performers and those behind the scenes — from costume designers to stage managers — accompanied with personal quotes. Check it out: Humans of Broadway

NYU Skirball Box Office
Website - Skirball

Did you know: NYU students can score deals on shows and films via the NYU Box office? Bookmark this webpage for upcoming details on discounted shows, original works and always engaging talks produced right on NYU’s campus. Check it out: NYU Skirball


And we’ve come full circle! New York’s conglomerate of culture is perhaps the secret sauce to its flavor-filled history. After all, culture shifts us forward (sounds just like college, right?). These social media profiles will have you double tapping with enthusiasm.

Activist NYC
Instagram - Activist NYC

Once a documentary project about activism and social justice movements, this instagram has become a resource about issues impacting all New Yorkers. Managed by Photographer & Visual Journalist Cindy Trinh, the profile is also accompanied by a podcast of the same name. Check it out: Activist NYC

Humans of New York
Instagram - HONY

Perhaps the most famous New York instagram to date is Humans of New York. Daily glimpses of strangers accompanied by captions evoking vulnerability will have you commenting: “Someone make this a movie!” Check it out: Humans of New York

Still Processing
Podcast - Still Processing

Hosted by two of The New York Times’ culture writers, Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris put the fun in fundamental news. They seamlessly connect the dots between topics pertaining to pop culture, tech culture and the New York scene, leaving you informed and uplifted. Check them out: Still Processing


Gif - Michael B. Jordan One More Thing

Listservs may seem like an-age old practice, but signing up for the right one is an easy way to stay informed. When you’re feeling spontaneous, log into these sites or check your inbox and choose an adventure!

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Dashka Gabriel, called Dash by most, is one of the Assistant Directors of Special Events and Visitor Relations in the Office of Enrollment Management. An alumna of NYU’s Public Relations M.S. program, she’s passionate about creating experiences that bring people of all backgrounds to the greatest city in the world. When she’s not running around behind the scenes, she enjoys exploring her Brooklyn neighborhood, playing (and winning!) Broadway musical lotteries, and having a solo movie night at the Alamo Drafthouse.