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David Querusio

David Querusio is an Assistant Director with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at NYU. He especially loves sharing stories of how NYU students think outside of the box to define their own academic paths. When he's not on the road meeting with students or in grad class at NYU Steinhardt, he can be found searching the city for the best cup of coffee.
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Is It OK to Apply Undecided to NYU?

Some students think it’s a bad idea to apply undecided to NYU. With five different “undecided” options at NYU, is it really as bad as everyone thinks?

male student in an NYU sweater
Why NYU? Why You?

We share some advice on how to answer that tricky but oh-so-important “Why NYU?” question on your application.

Leaves changing color in the Fall in Washington Square Park
Tips & Tricks for Conquering NYC

Moving to NYC can be overwhelming, but it doesn't need to be. Once you find your go-to spots and conquer the subway, you'll be a true New Yorker in no time!

Rethinking the Pressure to Be Productive

As college application season looms around the corner, here are some tips to stay productive—on your own terms.

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Guide to the External Scholarship Hunt

Your college fund doesn't need to stop with your school's financial aid package. External scholarships are a great way to make your college education more affordable.

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Avoiding Senioritis: Why and How to Finish High School on a High Note

Just because you’ve been accepted to college doesn’t mean you can give up on the rest of senior year. Here’s some motivation to finish strong.

Student in mid-thought, pen in hand.
Help! Which Standardized Test Do I Take?

Truth be told, most colleges don’t necessarily have a preference for either test, but here's some things to keep in mind when choosing.

A student in the dorm room writing.
6 Proofreading Habits for Your College Essay and Beyond

Finished your first draft of your college essay? Here’s the next part—proofreading and editing. These tips will guide you through the treacherous proofreading process to make your writing as sharp as possible.

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This or That: English vs Comparative Literature

Have a deep-rooted belief that the book is always better than the movie but not sure what to study? Learn the differences between two majors that might be of interest.

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What Can I Do with a Humanities Degree from NYU? Just About Anything!

Want to major in the humanities but worried about jobs after college? You’re in luck: more employers in tech and science are looking for soft skills in the workplace.