Exterior of a building on the NYU Shanghai campus. A blurry biker rides by.

  • NYU Shanghai’s World Languages program offers students immersive learning experiences in six different languages: Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Arabic.
  • Students hone their language skills through a variety of course offerings and events.
  • Participating students can build community at the World Languages Lounge, located on the NYU Shanghai campus.

The World Languages program at NYU Shanghai is a key resource for students. Offering a unique chance to view the world through various linguistic and cultural lenses, the program allows students to expand their knowledge of six languages: Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Arabic. In addition to providing a variety of course offerings for each language, the program hosts various events designed to foster an environment where students can grow, learn, and build community.

Students working together on laptops with a teacher in a classroom.

A Chance to Grow

Carson Decker, a sophomore majoring in Business and Finance and minoring in Social Science with a concentration in political science at NYU Shanghai, grew up in an insular community without many opportunities to learn about different cultures. “World Languages has opened up a whole new world for me,” Carson, who is learning Chinese, says. “It has enabled me to not only engage and communicate with those who live in the world around me but also better engage with those closest to me.”

Dana Zinchenko, a sophomore majoring in Interactive Media Arts and minoring in Dance, echoes this sentiment. Since age 9, she’s dreamed of learning Spanish. Now, thanks to World Languages, she’s studying it five days a week and honing her oral skills. She cites the classes’ interactive nature as one of the reasons she’s been so successful in the program. “Speaking is the hardest part of learning any language for me,” Dana says. “So I am grateful that I had an opportunity to really practice it and become more confident.”

Students sitting in a seminar classroom.

An Opportunity to Learn

More than anything, the NYU Shanghai World Languages program allows students to learn by immersing them in the language and culture of their choice. The program encourages students to go out into the community and incorporate their lessons into their daily routines. Furthermore, the program’s World Languages Lounge is another excellent resource for studying and learning a language. Located on the new NYU Shanghai campus, the lounge’s motto is “Where Every Language Is Welcome.” There, language learners of all levels frequently attend themed conversation nights.

“Language-learning events are also very interesting here,” Dana adds. “We learn about a place’s culture and food. What’s more, we talk to native speakers and professors in a casual setting. It’s a great way to learn and practice.”

Ultimately, World Languages at NYU Shanghai is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Here, students can foster linguistic competence, cultural awareness, and a strong sense of community. “The program has been foundational for me in learning a new language,” Carson concludes. “It has taken me from speaking not a single word of Chinese to the point where I feel comfortable in basic conversations.” Or, as Dana so succinctly puts it, “This program unites language learners!”