At NYU, there are countless ways to find your niche on campus. Are you a cheese whiz? We’ve got a club for that. A superhero fanatic? Yep, we’ve got a club for that, too. With more than 300 student-run clubs and organizations to choose from, you’ll find the people who understand and appreciate you. During this edition of Club Spotlight, we talk about STEMinist. This club’s mission is to empower students to combat sexism in all forms, both within STEM fields and everyday life.

A group of students wearing shirts that represent the STEMinist club.
What is STEMinist and who can join?

According to NYU Tandon School of Engineering student and STEMinist treasurer, Diya Mulay, STEMinist strives to create an inclusive space on campus. There, students can comfortably ask questions, seek support, and engage in intersectional feminist discourses and practices.

“Our club hopes to educate the community about sexism and other oppressive structures in order to mobilize against them. This includes but is not limited to transphobia, homophobia, cissexism, xenophobia, and racism,” says Diya. “We also offer information and support services to all students who seek it.”

Although the club is designed for individuals who identify as a woman in STEM, student allies from other NYU schools can join the club regardless of their sex, gender, or sexual orientation. To become (and stay) an active member, students must simply attend two club meetings or events per academic semester.

A student, who is a member of STEMinist, smiling.
What can I expect from STEMinist each semester?

Each semester, STEMinist hosts several events. Their goal is to encourage members to socialize, network with big-name companies, and give back to their community. This year, for instance, STEMinist partnered with Accenture recruiters to host a sandwich-making service event for the Bowery Mission. They also worked with NYU’s chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers to organize a casual meetup with Goldman Sachs representatives at Squish Marshmallows in the East Village.

Other 2019 events included a Halloween-themed fiesta—featuring pumpkin painting, slime making, and cupcake decorating—and a fundraiser called Cha-Cha for Charity, where students donated food, clothing, goods, or money in exchange for Latin dance lessons.

“We try to be innovative with our events every year,” says Diya. Which is why they host events that run the gamut from fun, social experiences to more serious, professional opportunities.

Two students seated at a table, talking to one another at a STEMinist event.
What else does STEMinist offer?

In addition to their social, professional, and philanthropic events, STEMinist offers a welcoming and supportive community where younger students can gain confidence and seek mentorship from juniors and seniors.

“STEMinist provided a very welcoming community for us when we were first-year students,” says STEMinist president Tasmia Anika and STEMinist vice president Rhea Patteri. “The leadership back then wanted to see us succeed. And thanks to their mentorship and involvement, we are where we are now. STEMinist not only provided us with a community but also a sense of confidence from the people who had our positions before us.”

As a club that fosters camaraderie among women and allies in STEM, STEMinist helps make NYU feel like home for its members.

“I was scared to come to a big university like NYU,” explains Diya. “I only understood my interests, socialized with students who shared the same passions as me, and developed my skills due to my involvement in clubs. STEMinist genuinely provides you with a platform to do all these things. I love the community I found through STEMinist!”