Weinstein Hall is one of the 21 residence halls available to NYU students and one of the 10 first-year residence halls. Many of the residence halls at NYU are former apartment buildings that were remodeled after they were acquired by the university. Students who want to learn more about a specific hall can visit the Office of Residential Life’s YouTube Channel for tours of each hall.

The exterior of Weinstein Residence Hall
Room Styles

Residence halls at NYU are either traditional or apartment style. Traditional style rooms can be either two people sharing one bathroom or a suite-style space, where four or six students share a common space and bathroom. Apartment style residence halls are apartments that have a common space, a shared bathroom, and a full kitchen. 

Weinstein Hall with Mary

A Living and Learning Community

All residential first year students live in FYRE (First Year Residential Experience) halls. FYRE is designed to help students transition to campus, build community, and acclimate to New York City. In addition, on every floor students will have a Resident Assistant (RA), an upperclass student who organizes events and outings for the students on the floor.  Students will also have access to live-in professional staff members. Each hall has a Residence Hall Director, a Residence Hall Assistant Director, and a Resource Center Manager. They are full-time staff members who oversee the Res and ensure the building is a happy and healthy community for all.

Two students lounging on a sofa with their laptops.

Meal Plans and Dining Halls

All first-year students who live in campus housing are required to have a meal plan. Meal plans provide students with meal swipes and dining dollars. A meal swipe is considered one full meal that students can purchase at one of the 11 dining halls.  While dining dollars function like a debit card, allowing students to purchase smaller bites that may not comprise a full meal. While some residence halls have dining halls within them, no residence hall is more than an 8-minute walk from the nearest dining hall.  Additionally, NYU’s dining halls are able to cater to all dietary restrictions and students should feel free to communicate with dining hall staff if they are concerned about having their dietary needs met.

Two students grab some food from the salad bar in the Weinstein Dining Hall
A student talks on the phone in the dining hall
A group of students laugh over a meal in Weinstein