Today’s dynamic, tech-driven business world requires an educational foundation that prepares students to nimbly adapt in the face of constant change and empowers them to meet challenges with innovative solutions. Enter the NYU Stern School of Business’ newest undergraduate business program: the BS in Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship. Set to enroll its first cohort of approximately 50 students in the fall of 2021, this four-year, STEM-certified program gives students the knowledge, skills, and experience to become agile problem solvers in a rapidly evolving global business landscape. “This program strikes a unique balance of study through which business students foster an entrepreneurial mind-set while also gaining the technological competencies to create solutions for the 21st century,” says program director and Stern professor Ashish Bhatia.

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A Robust, Immersive Curriculum for the 21st Century

Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship (BTE) majors immediately immerse themselves in New York City’s tech and entrepreneurial scene through a first-semester course called Introduction to Tech and Entrepreneurship. In addition to providing a big-picture perspective of the city’s tech ecosystem, this class gives students the chance to visit powerhouses like Google and Twitter as well as smaller start-ups pushing the frontiers of innovation. “The program is designed around experiential and action-oriented learning,” says Professor Bhatia. “Through analysis, action, and reflection cycles, students will gain long-term generalized knowledge and insights they can apply to their own future ventures.”

Over the course of their four years, BTE students take a wide range of both technology and entrepreneurship courses. Required courses, such as Introduction to Computer Science, Data Structures, and Patterns of Entrepreneurship, help them build foundational competencies as well as agile leadership capabilities, while elective courses allow them pursue what they’re most passionate about. In addition to studying with amazing Stern professors, students have the chance to take both required and elective classes with talented faculty across NYU schools, including the Tandon School of Engineering and the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

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Take On Real-World Challenges

The BTE program’s focus on experiential learning comes full circle in its final year when students take a capstone course called NYC Entrepreneurship Lab. In partnership with NYU Tandon Future Labs, this course has students working directly with early-stage start-ups or building their own ventures. “Projects in this class could range from launching marketing campaigns or conducting consumer research to developing product extensions or using data analytics to conduct A/B testing,” says Professor Bhatia.

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Building On an Unparalleled Academic Core

In addition to its specialized focus on tech and entrepreneurship, the BTE program includes a trifecta of unique core elements—the Business Core, the Liberal Arts Core, and the Social Impact Core. These three core components are foundations of every Stern business program, ensuring that all students receive a comprehensive, well-rounded education.

  • The Business Core introduces Business majors to fundamental business disciplines. BTE students take courses in statistics, microeconomics, and financial accounting. They also take courses focused on functional business topics, such as finance, operations, management, and marketing.
  • The Liberal Arts Core gives Business majors a solid foundation in the liberal arts and sciences. Students pursuing their BTE degree use their Liberal Arts Core classes to sharpen their critical quantitative skills, bolster their creative and logical thinking, and strengthen their reading and writing.
  • The Social Impact Core emphasizes writing, discussion, and debate for the advancement of social responsibility in the business world. Through a four-course sequence, students examine issues related to ethics, corporate social responsibility, and law in business and the connections between business, culture, government, and global societies. “NYU Stern has long been recognized as a pioneer in this area,” says Robert Whitelaw, the vice dean of Stern’s undergraduate college. “The content of this sequence is constantly updated to reflect the new realities of the relationship between business and society.”
Prepare to Pursue Boldness

Now, more than ever, it is important to prepare to face a complex, often uncertain future. Students in the BTE program at NYU Stern will do just that. “Equipped with an entrepreneurial mind-set and an impressive fluency in business and technology as well as New York City as their headquarters, BTE graduates will be ready to confidently pursue bold ideas as soon as they graduate,” says Professor Bhatia.

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