Gallatin Fashion Show

Bold fashion can send a powerful message. For student designers at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, it can also be used to empower others. In 10 photos, discover how students showcased power, strength, and body confidence at the seventh annual Gallatin Fashion Show.

1. This year’s theme, “emPOWERed,” prompted designers to reflect on political, cultural, and social forms of power.

signage that reads Empowered

2. In response to the theme, designers used a diverse array of fabrics, styles, and concepts to highlight what power means to them.

Models and the designer

3. Designs displayed at the fashion show explored everything from superheroes and the environment to gender neutrality.

outfits on a rack

4. Each set of models went through extensive preparation backstage, then hit the catwalk.

model getting ready backstage

5. Delaney Beem’s “Pollinator Power” focused on the bees, bats, butterflies, and hummingbirds that power our ecosystem.

model showing the wings on her outfit

6. With “Fioul Fatale,” designer Ryan Andrewsen illustrated the debate over the consumption of fossil fuels.

model walking down runway

7. The costumes of “Tarot Dances” by Em Watson investigated gendered archetypes, like the Fool, the High Priestess, and the Empress, on tarot cards.

model in dress with arms outstretched

8. Rachel Wang’s ready-to-wear designs from “Dreamscape” were inspired by a recent dream of her own: a little girl’s futile flight from danger.

model in robe and dress

9. Victor Leonard’s “Umoja” (or “unity” in Swahili) presents an ode to black women, black love, and the strength of collective identity.

close up on model on runway

10. Altogether, Gallatin designers not only questioned structures of power but also constructed their own ways to inspire others.

all of the designers stand on the runway