Colleges across the United States released their regular decision admissions decisions every April, and you likely have a choice to make. Many factors go into this choice, and of course, academics are important. If you are interested in a specific field, you should absolutely choose a school that has a strong field of study that aligns. But the reality is this: college serves as a springboard for the rest of your life. And professional development will be critical during your time in college.  It’s important to choose a school that provides opportunities for you to develop the skills, experiences, and connections you need to thrive throughout your career.


College is an excellent time for exploration. A particularly exciting part of the exploration process includes discovering what you might want to do after graduation. Exploration means finding opportunities to apply what you are learning outside the classroom.  That could be through leadership, research, service, or work experiences. Often, students discover a lot about what they want to do after graduation through internships. An internship with an industry or company you don’t like can be just as valuable as an internship with an industry or company that you do like. The same goes for classes that do or do not inspire you. These experiences are all part of the process of discovering your direction.


As an admitted student, consider the professional exploration opportunities colleges will provide. You want to choose a college that supports you in gaining experiences that help you discover and develop your interests. Whether you are in-person, virtual or hybrid, access to the best resources can make all the difference!  NYU Wasserman offers extensive on-demand resources and opportunities to connect live with coaches and employers in real-time from anywhere in the world.


NYU provides its students a database of more than 40,000 job and internship listings through Handshake, our career development platform. Here, NYU students explore companies and industries, gain the skills needed to prepare for opportunities, and apply to open positions. Handshake recommends jobs and events based on the information you provide to help you learn about opportunities you might otherwise miss. NYU students can even browse the hundreds of resources available such as podcasts, career modules, industry guides, and more to support your career development. 


NYU’s Wasserman Center for Career Development works with first-year students, graduating seniors, alumni, and everyone in between to help them get a leg-up in career preparation. Whether you want to study Applied Physics and intern at NASA or study Art History and intern at the Louvre, the Wasserman Center will help you explore your interests, connect with industry professionals, and land the internship of your dreams. Every career center will offer mock interviews or resume workshops, but below are five programs that make our award-winning career center stand out:

1. First Class

The First Class Professional Development & Mentorship Program is an award-winning program for first-generation NYU students. Members are assigned a mentor who is a professional in their industry of interest. They also partner with a dedicated Wasserman Center career coach. Students build community with other first-gen students through a series of workshops, activities and service projects. 

2. Career Boot Camps & Conferences

Wasserman’s Career Boot Camp series, presented in partnership with Morgan Stanley, is a hallmark career preparation program. These career conferences, designed for both business and non-business first-year and sophomore students, teach skills needed to be successful in the workplace.  Wasserman also produces annual career conferences and workshops for all students on topics such as Social Impact, Creative Careers, Women’s Networking Night, Queer Career Connect, Summer Internship Success, and Success Beyond NYU, and Real Talk: Navigating Identities in the workplace panels.

3. Diversity Internship & Career Preparation Program

The Diversity Internship & Career Preparation Program (DICP) is a professional development program that fosters career success for historically underrepresented students. Students participate in workshops with leading employers including SiriusXM, Teach for America, and Amazon to equip and empower them to land and excel in a relevant internship.

4. Coffee Chats

NYU’s location and reputation mean that many top companies want to hire our students. The Wasserman Center’s Coffee Chat program allows students to connect and develop relationships with a diverse range of these employers. Wasserman’s unofficial motto is “explore, prepare, connect,” and their coffee chat program allows students to do just that. These chats provide students with a brief overview of an organization and available job opportunities, as well as insight into careers in the industry. These chats alleviate some of the stress associated with interviewing and provide a relaxed opportunity to learn and connect.

These programming examples demonstrate how the Wasserman Center and NYU bring together their own expertise with that of their vast network of employer contacts to ensure their students graduate ready to thrive in their careers.

5. Violet Network

Mentorship, networking, and connection are essential to success beyond NYU. That is why NYU Wasserman launched Violet Network to make it easy for the NYU community to connect and support one another. It’s a dedicated online network where you can choose to give advice or get advice through a “flash” meeting or for a longer, sustained period of time. Alumni and students ask questions and seek guidance, coach and inspire, and find paths to professional aspirations.

NYU: Endless Possibilities

When it comes to career preparation, New York has its advantages. NYU students take full advantage of the university’s location within one of the greatest cities in the world. They do this through internship and work experience. On average, graduating NYU students have completed three internships during their time as a student. Students can intern and work during the academic semesters as a result of the opportunities New York City offers. This gives them an edge in the hiring process.  The opportunities aren’t just in New York, though. Our students take full advantage of our global sites, learning and interning in great cities around the world from Sydney to Buenos Aires, Shanghai to Abu Dhabi, and London to Accra. Our students are leaving NYU confident and well prepared. Relationships are built and networks are grown.

An Investment in Your Future

At NYU, we understand students are thinking about their next move. Our students are driven, determined, and goal oriented. Many consider the ROI (return on investment) when deciding upon which college to attend. And NYU earns top marks; more than 95% of the Class of 2019 were working or in graduate school within six months of graduation. Students are well prepared once their four years come to an end. Wasserman believes in the importance of creating networks of support for students to ensure they have access to resources and guidance throughout their time at NYU and beyond.

Joe Savino is an Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions at NYU. A native New Yorker, born and raised in the Bronx, Joe loves getting out of the city and traveling to new places. He recruits prospective NYU students far away from home in the states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington, as well as Pakistan. Joe is also a graduate student in NYU Steinhardt studying Higher Education & Student Affairs. If he’s not reading applications or writing a paper, Joe is planning his next trip to a US National Park in hopes of visiting all 61 throughout the country.