“A great education should be everyone’s right,” says NYU Shanghai Business and Finance major Carlo Gabriel. “Regardless of economic, cultural, or religious backgrounds, everyone has to have access to education.” Carlo, who made the nearly 2,800-mile trip to China from his home in Jakarta, Indonesia, reached this pivotal conclusion after spending four years at NYU Shanghai.

Close-up of student Carlo Gabriel.

A Realization Sparks a Growing Interest

“As an American university in China, NYU Shanghai exposed me to this amazing diversity of perspectives. We analyzed and discussed ideas from American and Chinese viewpoints in every class. Add to that my classmates from all around the world, and I was granted access to a truly global experience,” Carlo says.

As his worldview evolved, Carlo realized how profoundly his academic opportunities had impacted his life. He became interested in using what he’d learned about business at NYU Shanghai to help other students uncover similar opportunities.

Carlo sitting in a chair with his legs crossed.
A Desire to Make a Difference

Following internships with Fisher-Price and the FedEx-subsidiary TNT Express, Carlo wanted to intern with educational organizations that provide students with opportunities in all corners of the world. In the spring of 2018, he began a technical translator internship with Education First, an international education company that provides language training, academic immersion, and cultural experiences around the globe.

The following summer, he assumed a research and marketing internship position with Runcing Foundation, a nonprofit working toward educational equity in underserved areas of Indonesia. Carlo used both of his positions, which he held throughout parts of this year, as launchpads to explore how and where he can have the most positive influence in the future.

A Journey of Purpose

“The ultimate goal of pursuing an education is having an impact on the people around me and the world as a whole,” says Carlo. “What I’ve gained in the classroom only has value if I implement it in real life. I didn’t leave my hometown for nothing.”

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