Potential students and their families gathered for an academic session.

Here’s a snapshot of one of our school sessions taking place at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study. It’s a full house!


Picking a major is HARD. Trust me, I’ve been there. I remember applying to schools for so many different majors thinking, “How will I ever pick one?” I wish someone told me I didn’t have to pick just one (and neither do you)! My first major was Education, then I switched to Communications (I didn’t know that was an option!) and eventually went on to earn my masterʼs in Business Administration. My advice? Think about what you’re generally interested in. Do you love your science classes? Maybe you’re passionate about the arts. Above all else, never let anyone talk you out of what you love. Take it from Kaylee, a current NYU student, who didnʼt let anything come between her and her passions.

Use your interests to help you explore the more than 270 major and minor programs we have at NYU. The possibilities are endless! Like my own major search, I came across programs I never knew existed. Hereʼs a peek into some options you may not know are available to you at NYU.


If Youʼre Interested in Business

Itʼs true you can major in Business at NYU, but did you know we have a number of other business programs outside of the Stern School of Business?

For example, Real Estate, Hospitality and Tourism, and Sport Management are majors youʼll find at our School of Professional Studies (SPS). These programs allow you to skip the “generic” business pathway and focus on what matters most to you—getting immediate industry experience. With a robust network of industry connections and faculty, SPS is proud to be at the front of industry trends, bringing a wide range of experiences to its students. Or maybe your interests fall in line with our Music Business program at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. In addition to taking Steinhardt and Stern courses, youʼll spend 300 hours at major record labels, publishing companies, and performance venues. Thereʼs no question youʼll be ready for your career before you leave NYU.

And finally, if you have a specific interest in international business, check out our Stern First Year London program. This cohort-based program gives you the chance to complete your first-year requirements with a special focus on European society and culture. After your first year, youʼll return to New York City to complete your degree.

If You’re Interested in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Itʼs easy to think of our College of Arts and Science when you think of humanities and social sciences. With majors like Social and Cultural Analysis and Language and Mind, plus 65 other programs, it has a lot of options, but itʼs not your only option.

Take our Silver School of Social Work for example. This small, but powerful, cohort focuses on advocacy and social and human justice. What’s more, its “degree without limits” motto speaks to its ability to prepare students for a diverse range of industries.

Or Global Liberal Studies. This four-year bachelorʼs degree focuses on the study of people and cultures from around the world through discussion-based seminars and experiential learning activities. Students spend at least one year (or more abroad) to study languages, participate in internships, and even conduct research.


If You’re interested in Arts and Media

If youʼre passionate about the arts, Iʼm sure youʼve heard of majors like Drama, Dance, and even Studio Art. Our Tisch School of the Arts and Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development offer so much more. At Tisch you can major in Collaborative Arts, where you can study across disciplines like film, TV, media, and the performing arts. This program is for the bold—youʼll discover new technologies and works to take your industry to the next level.

You can even focus your skills in a specific interest in majors like Jazz or Brass Studies or Music Theory and Composition: Contemporary Production and Songwriting. If youʼre an artist, check out the Art + Education program. All are majors available at Steinhardt.


If You’re Interested in STEM

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is a popular discipline. It doesnʼt have to mean traditional chemistry or physics courses (though we have majors in those areas too!). At NYU, you can find STEM majors in almost all of our colleges.


Sustainable Urban Environments (Tandon School of Engineering) or Nutrition and Food Studies (Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development) are just two of the areas I like to remind students are options if theyʼre into the sciences. Apply your love for science in these hands-on programs to make the world a healthier place to live.


Technology is part of nearly every industry. Itʼs obvious in some majors like Business and Technology Management (Tandon) or Computer Science (College of Arts and Science). And not so obvious in others. For example, Game Design or Interactive Media Arts at Tisch.


The Tandon School of Engineering is home to all engineering programs at NYU. Choose from majors like Chemical and Biomolecular or Computer Engineering. Located in the heart of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle, what more could you wish for?


If mathematics is your calling, we have two Math majors for you! You can find them at the College of Arts and Science and Tandon. Maybe statistics is a better fit. You can find that program at Stern.




If youʼre still not sure where your heart is, why not test-drive several different majors through our Liberal Studies Core program or build your own major at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study.

Liberal Studies Core

This two-year program allows students to explore the liberal arts while building a foundation for over 90 different majors at NYU. At the end of their second year, students can seamlessly transition into many NYU colleges or apply for specific majors (such as Performing Arts) at others. Core students go on to pursue careers in finance, journalism, media, and even law. Did I mention they also have the option to spend their first year at one of our global sites through our First Year Away program? Thatʼs right, you can kick off your NYU career in London, Madrid, Florence, or Washington, DC.


What if you could blend your interests and have it all? Gallatin might be the college for you. Self-directed learning is a key part of Gallatinʼs mission. Of course, Gallatin advisers are there to help you navigate your options. Gallatin students take half of their courses through their home college and half through other colleges across campus.

At the end of the day, the title of your major doesnʼt have to equal your career. Is medical school in your future? Good news! You can select any major (yes, ANY major) at NYU before adding the prehealth track to your curriculum. Itʼs about studying your passions and finding a way to link them together. We love to see our students (like Phoebe) forge their paths through a balance of academics, campus involvement, and what they love most. I know youʼre going to make the right choice (or choices). After all, this is NYU, where the opportunities are endless!


Kelly Vann is a Senior Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission at NYU. Prior to joining NYU, she worked in Undergraduate Admissions at Seton Hill University and Carnegie Mellon. She enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants and English Breakfast tea. A Pennsylvania native, Kelly currently resides in Hoboken.