Interning in New York City is an unforgettable experience. Of course, being a student is arguably already a full-time job. But my friends and I wanted to do more: our on-campus jobs as Admissions Ambassadors and internships in the city. Our ambassador job generally consists of leading tours, answering the undergraduate admissions hotline, staffing the Bonomi Family Admissions Center, and running special events.

While most of these internships were held pre-COVID, we continue to keep busy. For example, I took classes last semester while working as an intern on a senate campaign and contributing digitally to the Admissions Ambassador program. However, in normal times, we take advantage of every hour in every day to move forward. For instance, featured here are some of my friends and coworkers who really know how to do it all: academics, work, and internships.

Rhea Dudani
NYU student Rhea outside the entrance to Show of Force.

Major: Tisch Film and Television and College of Arts and Science (CAS) Politics

Internship: A Show of Force story production intern for a true crime documentary at HBO, 15 to 20 hours a week

General duties: Interning for the production team, assisting on set, working as a production assistant, researching the storyline

How she managed: “With school, it was all about time management. I scheduled everything out. With Admissions Ambassadors, I was super open about communicating and mostly worked Fridays and weekends. Above all, I was very honest about how much I was able to do. I would work in between classes and go intern on set.”

Favorite part: “A lot of the higher roles were filled by women, and I loved interning and learning from them, especially because itʼs not common in film. I got to see firsthand how they navigated certain situations and asserted themselves.”

Sean Nesmith
NYU student Sean with Senator Gillibrand.

Major: CAS International Relations and Public Policy

Minor: CAS Peace and Conflict Studies

Internship: Department of Immigration Casework, New York City district office of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, 15 hours a week

General duties: Sending constituent inquiries to federal agencies, calling constituents about their immigration paperwork, presenting department overviews of cases

How he managed: “It was hard! I would usually pick up a morning shift before going to intern uptown or give tours on weekends. I made sure to always let my supervisors know if I had a conflict. Also, I tried to be reasonable with myself about deadlines and performing well academically.”

Favorite part: “During one of my phone calls, I had to check up on a Yemeni mother because her paperwork hadn’t come in. I could sense her hesitation over the phone, and she kept repeating what I was saying to her daughter, except in Arabic. While I had only learned a little bit then, I was able to give her proper instructions in Arabic, and she understood me. I was so thankful to have helped her in another language. Most importantly, it reminded me the importance of continuing with my Arabic studies!”

Sam Dady

Major: Global Liberal Studies

Minor: Tisch Documentary Filmmaking

Internship: Media production intern at Earth Celebrations, a nonprofit environmental action project, three to five hours a week

General duties: Editing promotional videos, updating their website, attending Zoom meetings, researching potential collaborations with other organizations in the city

How she managed: “I have only had trouble balancing the work of this internship with Admissions Ambassadors because the founder only sporadically sends work. This semester I have decided to carve out certain hours each day to do work I’m sent. So, I’m able to make myself unavailable during those times every day.”

Favorite part: “My favorite part of this internship was feeling like part of a greater community in New York City that cares about the same issues I do. Being an intern for this organization has given me an outlet to think about environmental issues in both an academic and artistic setting. And as a result, I have some new ideas for my senior thesis!”

Andrew Cohen

Major: Steinhardt Media, Culture, and Communication

Minor: Steinhardt Studio Art

Internship: An event planning company in the East Village, 20 to 30 hours a week

General duties: Preparing for events, organizing vendors, coordinating event setup

How he managed: “Balancing school, Admissions Ambassadors, a social life, and an internship definitely wasn’t easy. It took a lot of organization and planning my schedule to make the most of my time. Across all of my internships I had amazing support systems that were super flexible and accommodating.”

Favorite part: “My favorite part of this internship was working huge weddings and events of more than 300 people at some of New York City’s most famous venues!”

Originally from Washington, DC, Izzy is a junior in the Global Liberal Studies Program with minors in Social & Public Policy in NYU Wagner and History in CAS. On campus, Izzy is involved in College Democrats, the Politics Society, the Bronfman Center, and Admissions Ambassadors. Outside of class, Izzy loves Citibiking, indoor cycling classes, shopping in SoHo, and spending too much on dessert.