The NYU Journalism building, 20 Cooper Square, at daytime.

20 Cooper Square, NYU Journalism’s building.

New York City is home to world-famous journalism. NYU has several great academic programs and an amazing independent student publication to help NYU Violets start their careers in the heart of the industry.

Journalism at NYU

Nothing says New York City like a good old fashioned newspaper. The city has been home to journalism since the inception of news as we know it: the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal were both founded in New York. Today, TV news networks like NBC, CNN, and FOX call New York City home (as does the fictional Waystar Royco). New York City is the epicenter of both print and broadcast journalism.

Radio City Music Hall in the daytime.
Radio City Music Hall at Rockefeller Center, home to some of the first radio stations and radio shows in the United States! Today, the “Today Show” films a block away.
Daytime photo of the “New York Times” headquarters.
The “New York Times” headquarters just west of Times Square. Fun fact: Times Square is named after the newspaper’s original headquarters at the heart of the plaza.

Study Journalism at NYU

NYU offers many paths for students interested in a career in journalism and students who want to learn more about it. For students interested in studying journalism, NYU offers both a major and two minors through the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at the College of Arts and Science. The Broadcast and Multimedia Journalism minor as well as the Print and Online Journalism minor are available. Similarly, students who major in Journalism choose a print or broadcast track. Journalism majors also double-major in a second field of study at NYU. The double major allows students to find an area of specialization. If they do choose work as a journalist, a second major gives them a niche to rise above other job candidates in the field. 

The New York Public Library building in the daytime.
The New York Public Library, one of my favorite places in the city to write!

Producing Student Journalism at NYU

Whether or not you want to study journalism at NYU, you can be a student journalist. All students, no matter their major, can write for NYU’s independent student newspaper, Washington Square News. Any NYU student can participate in whatever way works for them. Students can apply to be staff writers or editors on the paper’s website. Writers can also pitch and write one-off stories as contributing writers by attending Sunday pitch meetings or pitching stories online.

As a contributing writer during my first year at NYU, I was able to write whenever I had free time or any particularly strong ideas. With the flexibility of this position, I wrote about Crumbl Cookies and COVID-19 boosters with no long-term commitment. I got to attend pitch meetings inside the Washington Square News (WSN) staff office, pitch my ideas, and write them! The turnaround time for a typical article depends on what type of story it is. But, generally, you can expect to complete it in two or three days. Articles contain a student journalist’s own interviews, writing, and unique views.

Writing for WSN can be an amazing experience for both careers in journalism and in other fields. Washington Square News also offers editor positions for students who want to get more involved. Editors work around 15 hours a week and get to write and edit for their section of choice. WSN sections include news, features, opinions, sports, culture, arts, and abroad desks.

What Can NYU Student Journalists Do?

Journalism at NYU not only allows students to hone their writing and investigative skills in the heart and home of the industry but also write and get published by a storied student paper. Whether you major, minor, or just write a few articles, NYU student journalists can find great opportunities for whatever career they pursue. 

I’m Griffin, a rising second-year in the College of Arts and Science studying Journalism and Politics with a minor in Social and Public Policy! On campus, I’m involved with Residential life, serving as a hall council board member and a Summer Assistant, as well as being a contributor to Washington Square News, NYU’s independent student newspaper. You can find me most of the time at one of NYC’s 1,700 parks (I’ve been to just over 100 of them and counting!) or at a local coffee shop!