• As a first-year nursing student at NYU, you will attend both core and nursing-related classes to better understand the field of nursing
  • Join nursing student organizations to find your community.

“On behalf of the admissions committee, it is my honor and privilege to share with you that you have been admitted to the Meyers College of Nursing at New York University.” You have just received an offer of a lifetime to one of the most prestigious nursing schools in the world. And while you may be eager to put on a pair of the iconic NYU Violet scrubs, you won’t actually wear them for another two years.  

Most of your classes the first two years as a nursing student take place on the Washington Square campus. But you will occasionally visit the NYU Meyers building at 433 First Avenue for orientation and club meetings. As a presequence student, you will complete the core classes NYU requires all students to take and some nursing-specific classes. Then, you’ll put your nursing skills to the test with both mannequin and real patients in on- and off-campus clinicals during your junior and senior years. 

Nursing students gathered in a conference room for a school event.
The spring 2023 Nursing Student Leadership Award Ceremony.

The First-Year Schedule

Core Classes

These classes are typically shared with students from other majors, which allows you to meet people from different schools.

  • Writing the Essay (fall semester): This is a required writing course for all incoming nursing students as well as College of Arts and Science, Silver School of Social Work, and Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development students. You’ll learn how to analyze and interpret written text, develop ideas/arguments, and compose exploratory and argumentative essays. 
  • The Advanced College Essay (spring semester): This course is an extension of Writing the Essay. But it is only composed of NYU Steinhardt and NYU Meyers students. Because this course is only tailored to students from these schools, the readings and essay prompts focus on issues that are relevant to them. 
  • Text and Ideas (spring semester): In this sequence of humanities courses, you’ll study challenging but influential texts about major ideas. Topics range from freedom, the nature of the soul, and the role of humans in the natural and animal world to citizenship, beauty, morality, and the human imagination. For example, you may take Children and Childhood; Humor and Laughter; or Democracy, Knowledge, and Equality. 
Nursing-Related Classes

These classes focus on the nursing profession, natural sciences, and the human body.

  • Intro to Modern Chemistry (fall semester): You will be exposed to the fundamentals of chemistry, including atomic and molecular structure, chemical bonding, equilibrium, reaction rates, and properties of the states of matter. 
  • Intro to Sociology (fall semester): This course will teach you the basic concepts and theories associated with sociology. It will provide you with insights into the social factors of human life. Social interaction, socialization, social structures and institutions, political power, and social change are some topics it may expose you to. 
  • Neuroanatomy and Physiology/Communicatoin (spring semester): This is one of THE most important presequence classes. Why? Because it truly introduces you to the human body at a deeper level. It focuses on the structure and function of the human body and how each system interconnects. 
  • Intro to Psychology (spring semester): You will not only learn the fundamental principles of psychology in this class but also study the major theoretical areas of research. These areas include thought, memory, perception, development, learning, personality, and the physiological bases of psychology. 
Nursing Cohort Seminar

While the classes I listed above are necessary, I believe Nursing Cohort Seminar is the most important class I took during my first year at NYU Meyers. This course really exposed me to the nursing field. It meets every other week and is led by both a professor and nursing cohort leader who also hosts a few outings throughout the semester. The outings allow you to bond with your classmates and ask your cohort leader any questions you have regarding nursing at NYU. Through this class, you will learn more about yourself as a student and explore your social identity as a future nurse. 

NYU nursing students visiting Central Park.
One of our cohort outings to Central Park from last year!
A group of nursing students at an NYU Meyers event.
The 2023 Estelle Osborne Legacy Celebration.

LEAD Honors Program

I was fortunate enough to be selected as a LEAD (Leading, Engaging, Advancing, Developing) Honors Program scholar. As a first-year student, you can only join this program if selected. But, during the spring semester, there is an application period that opens for all first-year nursing students to apply for a seat. 

LEAD is a four-year program in which students engage in seminars and learning experiences that expose them to health-care disciplines and help them advance their collaborative skills by working with other interprofessional teams. The opportunity to participate in research and complete a capstone project is one of the main benefits of being a LEAD scholar. 

An NYU nursing student using a mirror while wearing scrubs and holding their cell phone in front of their face.
The LEAD Honors Program allowed me to participate in a nursing observation at NYU Langone Health!

Nursing Clubs and Organizations

Joining on-campus clubs and organizations is a big part of any first-year experience. NYU Meyers has several nursing-related clubs. During the start of your first semester, you can attend Nursing Club Fest. There, you’ll meet all of the nursing organizations! Each focuses on a different field of nursing. For example, you can join the Geriatric Student Interest Group, Emergency Nursing Student Association, and Nurse Anesthetist and Practitioner Student Interest Group. 

Nursing students standing in front of a poster board positioned on a table at a club fair.
The Undergraduate Student Nursing Organization e-board at Nursing Club Fest 2023.
Nursing students gather in a building to learn about student clubs and organizations.
Nursing Club Fest, fall 2023.

Despite our school being one of the University’s smallest, our sense of community and NYU Violet pride is not! At NYU Meyers, you’ll meet some of the most inspirational and passionate individuals all while growing as a nursing student yourself. 

Hi! I’m Michelle (she/her/hers), a sophomore pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the Rory Meyers College of Nursing. I am a native New Yorker, born and raised in Queens, who is re-discovering my love for the city as an NYU student. On campus, I am an Admissions Ambassador and on the Eboards for UNSO (Undergraduate Nursing Student Organization) and SGA (Student Government Assembly). When I am not giving tours or memorizing 100+ flashcards for anatomy, you can find me either running by the Hudson River, baking brownies for my friends, or reading in the NYU Law courtyard.