1. Whether walking to class, exploring the architecture in a new neighborhood, or meeting friends for lunch, NYU Buenos Aires students are always soaking in the sights and sounds of this European-designed city.

Buenos Aires Architecture

2. Instead of staying in a traditional residence hall, every NYU Buenos Aires student is paired with a local host family, giving them a convenient base for their studies and an authentic window into Argentine culture.

NYU Student studying at Buenos Aires homestay

3. “My host mother was amazing!” says Richa Lagu, 2018, a Metropolitan Studies major from NYU’s New York City campus. “Our nightly conversations over dinner were my best source of cultural knowledge about Buenos Aires. She answered all of our questions and, most importantly, wasn’t afraid to correct my roommate and me if we got our Spanish wrong.”

Students having dinner with homestay family

4. Homestays are chosen in locations easily accessible to the NYU academic site, either by walking or on public transportation.

NYU students exploring Buenos Aires

5. “Living with an Argentine family provided me with a constant opportunity to practice Spanish and get an insider’s look into day-to-day life in Buenos Aires,” says Stjepan Klinar, 2018, a Political Science major from NYU Abu Dhabi.

NYU students eating dinner at homestay in Buenos Aires

6. Throughout the city, NYU Buenos Aires students have art and culture at their fingertips. For example, the Floralis Genérica, pictured here, is located in the historic Recoleta district not far from NYU’s campus. Completed in 2002, the sculpture was a gift to Buenos Aires by Argentine architect Eduardo Catalano. It opens its stainless-steel petals every morning and closes them again every night.

Floralis Genérica in Buenos Aires

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