NYU Hyperloop: The Future of Transportation

NYU students compete in the SpaceX Hyperloop challenge to reinvent the future of transportation

When SpaceX’s Elon Musk announced his vision of Hyperloop, said to be the transportation mode of the future, a group of NYU students were listening. Part of Tandon’s Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) program, through which students can join research teams and receive credit toward their majors, NYU Hyperloop is made up of more than 30 students from NYU’s campuses in New York City and Shanghai. Watch this video and see how NYU students are revolutionizing transportation as we know it.

In January 2017, SpaceX held the Hyperloop Pod Competition and invited designers to test their prototypes on the Hyperloop track in Hawthorne, California. Out of the 700 teams to enter, 27 were chosen, including NYU’s. Magdalena Sawicka, a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering and the team captain of NYU Hyperloop, explains that part of what made the NYU team stand out was their practical approach: “Our pod is designed to transport goods, not humans. A freight pod could decrease traffic on the roads, cut down on air pollution, and move goods at high speeds not safe for humans.”

NYU President Andy Hamilton at the MakerSpace ribbon cutting.
A laser cutter.

At the competition, the NYU Team got valuable feedback from SpaceX, which they used to prepare for Phase II of the competition at SpaceX’s headquarters the following summer. This time, the team was tested on one factor only: how fast their pod could travel down the mile-long Hyperloop track.

Prototype of Hyperloop project, stylized.