• Undergraduate students have access to graduate-level courses through minors at NYU Wagner.
  • There are five minors available: Public Policy Analysis, Social Entrepreneurship, Public Policy and Management, Social and Public Policy, and Multifaith and Spiritual Leadership.
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Did you know that you can take advantage of the NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service as an undergraduate student? Whether you’re interested in public policy, social entrepreneurship, or spiritual leadership, you have the unique opportunity to pursue a minor in five different fields at NYU Wagner.

Undergraduates pursuing a minor through Wagner do so in close collaboration with their home school or college. At the same time, they gain access to Wagner’s extensive network of resources, including specialized coursework and faculty expertise. Additionally, they become part of the Wagner community, which opens doors to internship opportunities, research collaborations, and events.

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The Benefits of Studying at a Graduate School as an Undergrad

Minoring at NYU Wagner exposes undergraduate students to graduate-level coursework and faculty expertise early in their academic careers. Alia Masud, a junior majoring in Africana Studies at the College of Arts and Science (CAS), cites a highly specialized curriculum as one of the program’s benefits. In addition to her major, she’s minoring in Social and Public Policy at NYU Wagner and Global and Urban Education Studies at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.

“At Wagner my classes are focused on specific fields of public policy. Plus, the professors are highly experienced in that field,” Alia says. “They are beacons of knowledge and great resources for internships and jobs. Furthermore, they offer excellent advice on how to navigate the types of changes that come with young adulthood.”

Lucy McHugh echoes this sentiment. She’s a senior majoring in Politics and minoring in Spanish at CAS as well as Public Policy and Management at Wagner. “I have access to class offerings that are more specialized and geared toward my specific interests in public policy and management,” Lucy says.

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Enhance Your Collegiate Experience

Pursuing a minor at Wagner enhances students’ academic understanding and contributes to their personal growth. From enjoying smaller class sizes to collaborating with graduate students, a Wagner minor adds a whole new dynamic to the NYU student experience.

“At Wagner I’ve gained access to smaller, more participatory classroom environments. I wouldn’t have had that otherwise,” Lucy says. “That has allowed me to connect with my professors and classmates in meaningful ways. It also adds a nice balance to the larger lecture classes I’m required to take for my major.”

Alia agrees that the smaller class sizes allow for more localized knowledge and a more grounded environment. “At Wagner we learn about current federal and local policies. So I find myself inspired to be more aware of social issues in my community and nationwide,” she explains. “I’m becoming more knowledgeable of current events. That knowledge is beneficial academically, but I also feel more present in the world. It feels good to know what’s happening in my community and others.”

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What Sets Wagner’s Minor Experience Apart?

While NYU students have access to hundreds of minors across the University, both Alia and Lucy agree that pursuing their minors through Wagner has opened doors they wouldn’t have known existed otherwise. And, in addition to the undergraduate minors, Wagner offers accelerated bachelor’s–master’s programs. These programs allow undergraduate students to earn credits toward a master’s degree. As a result, they can obtain their master’s degree in five years instead of six, saving time and money.

“Overall, this minor has changed the trajectory of my academic journey. It has enhanced my undergraduate experience,” Lucy concludes. “Specifically, it inspired me to pursue an accelerated graduate experience that I wouldn’t have been aware of without the minor. My experience in Wagner will have a lasting impact even after I leave NYU and begin my career journey.”