You know our Digital Ambassadors from their takeovers MeetNYU Instagram and TikTok, in addition to the many articles and photos they’ve shared here on MeetNYU. Some of whom you’ve followed across continents during study away, through changes of schools and majors until they found their perfect program, as they have landed stellar internships, and shown off their favorite extracurricular events. Like you, they once eagerly clicked into their admissions decision to find out they were newly admitted Violets. First NYU, then what?

Read on to find out what a few of our senior ambassadors will be up to after graduation!

Sam Molina in a Violet cap & gown
Me in my cap & gown!
Sam stands in the Washington Mews in a dark green dress she made herself
This is me on my first day of senior year in a dress that I designed and sewed myself!

Sam Molina

Gallatin School of Individualized Study, Media Communications and Consumer Culture in Fashion and Beauty concentration with a minor in Studio Art

First NYU, then what are you doing after graduation?

Sam: Starting a full time job at a boutique public relations agency specializing in beauty, wellness and lifestyle!

What in your NYU experience helped prepare you for this next step?

Sam: First NYU, Then Anything. I can’t express how grateful I am for the resources at NYU and Gallatin that have truly set me up to feel prepared for the industry I intend to work in. From internships to the classes to the mentorships, I am so much more confident in my abilities to succeed in my intended industry. I’ve now started thinking about owning my own public relations agency one day! NYU has really allowed me to believe that I can achieve anything.



Kitan poses with a bike in front of the good offices
This is me on a G-Bike in front of the Googleplex in Mountain View, California

Kitan Ayeni

Stern School of Business, Finance & Computing and Data Science major with a minor in Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology

First NYU, then what are you doing after graduation?

Kitan: Starting a full time job as a Financial Analyst at Google!

What in your NYU experience helped prepare you for this next step?

Kitan: I am starting my career crunching numbers and working in finance, but later down the line I would love to work in the entertainment industry! NYU has let me explore both fields of study with my major + BEMT minor, and I feel prepared to be flexible and adaptable in both industries!

Eshika in a Class of 2023 tshirt
Eshika Before NYU (in 2019)
Eshika with her grad cap in front of the WSP arch
Me in my grad gown! (The "After" photo!)

Eshika Patel

Tandon School of Engineering, majoring in Business & Technology Management

First NYU, then what are you doing after graduation?

Eshika: Taking a consulting job!

What in your NYU experience helped prepare you for this next step?

Eshika: NYU gave me the skills and versatility to be in the consulting world. The wide variety of classes I’ve taken have given me not just a broader view of world, but also ideas as to how I can help as a consultant going into the field. I think about how my work can make a meaningful difference in the future. This first step will help me gain the experience I need to become a successful entrepreneur in the future and contribute to the wellness of society!

Ivan during study away in Buenos Aires
Photo of me drinking coffee in London City, the coffee shop where the renowned writer Julio Cortázar would go to produce his works

Ivan Brea

The College of Arts & Science, majoring in Politics & Spanish and Portuguese, Social and Public Policy minor

First NYU, then what are you doing after graduation?

Ivan: I will be attending the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom! I will be pursuing a MPhil in Latin American Studies before applying for PhD programs in the United States.

What in your NYU experience helped prepare you for this next step?

Ivan: My NYU experience has been pivotal in offering me a rigorous preparation for grad school, while giving me a robust amount of opportunities to figure out my passions. Through studying away at NYU Buenos Aires, being President of Latinos Con Unidos Con Honor y Amistad (LUCHA), and having the chance to double major in Spanish, I had my passion for Latin American culture reaffirmed. Through the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Literatures, I was able to work with Professor Laura Torres-Rodríguez to complete a senior honors thesis (of about ninety pages!) titled Divine Mediations: Representations of Religion, Clericalism, and Religious Imagery in Mexican Cinema (1917-2018).

Upon my completion of my master’s, I hope to pursue a PhD in Hispanic Studies and eventually become a professor researching and teaching Mexican literary, film, and cultural studies. I am immensely grateful to continue pursuing research in the humanities at such an amazing institution. My dream is to uncover the broader Mexican histories that have been long neglected within Americentric imaginaries and perceptions.

Annabelle poses in the Mews
This is me standing in the NYU Mews in my business attire!

Annabelle Noha

Stern School of Business, majoring in Business with concentrations in Finance and Computing and Data Science

First NYU, then what are you doing after graduation?

Annabelle: I will be working as an Analyst for Financo Raymond James Consumer Mergers & Acquisition Investment Banking

What in your NYU experience helped prepare you for this next step?

Annabelle: NYU allowed me to explore so many different industries and disciplines that enabled me to realize I don’t want to be in just one field for the rest of my life. I will now be working in Mergers & Acquisitions Banking because it combines Finance & Marketing seamlessly. NYU also taught me how much I love learning from and interacting with people, so I am looking to keep that in any of the jobs I hold in the future. Moving forward, I hope to work in banking for a few years before entering into the marketing and tech industries through startups here in NYC.

Esofi in front of the WSP arch
Here I am in WSP! Is it really a graduation photo if you’re not standing in front of the Washington Square Arch!?

Esofi Nunyi

College of Arts & Science, majoring in Global Public Health and Sociology, Chemistry minor

First NYU, then what are you doing after graduation?

Esofi: I’m taking a glide year (or two) before medical school!

What in your NYU experience helped prepare you for this next step?

Esofi: As a first-gen student, I truly appreciate the plethora of faculty that are ready and willing to help. From the Wasserman Center career coaches who helped me reserve interview rooms for my virtual interviews, to the staff in Financial Education there to assist in planning my post-grad budgets. Plus, all the folks at NYU Undergraduate Admissions that support my professional development, and my friends and advisors in the AnBryce Scholar program. I am simply grateful for the support system I fostered in my time here, and I am all the more grateful that these resources extend beyond graduation. I cannot wait to revisit these services as an alum so I may continue preparing for medical school and post-grad life! Forever a Violet!

Katrina posing at Violet 100
This is me during my last ever Violet 100 spirit week at NYU!

Katrina Morgan

Tandon School of Engineering, majoring in Integrated Design and Media

First NYU, then what are you doing after graduation?

Katrina: After graduating, I will be working as a television producer!

What in your NYU experience helped prepare you for this next step?

Katrina: I found that my broad coursework in IDM helped me to explore and gain skills in all aspects of digital media. I was able to build a strong portfolio to help me secure internships throughout the NYC area that would allow me to discover my passions. After four years of studying digital media and working in the entertainment industry at NYU, I feel very prepared to begin my job working as a producer. For example, I am graduating knowing a lot about audio and video editing/production. I started my own podcast while at NYU, and my final senior project will also be in the audio medium. My ability to do these things came directly from what I learned in my classes about production!

This is me taking my obligatory WSP Arch pic on my last first day of undergrad!

Morgan Beene

NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, majoring in Applied Psychology, Media, Culture & Communication minor

First NYU, then what are you doing after graduation?

Morgan: Completing my BS/MA program in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness as well as being a a clinical counseling intern at Be Morr Counseling!

What in your NYU experience helped prepare you for this next step?

Morgan: NYU provided me with the tools and resources to be able to explore all of my interests during my time here! Before even knowing about NYU’s BS/MA program in Applied Psychology & Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness, I knew I wanted to become a therapist. Thanks to NYU, I am able to complete this in just 5 years and enter my field of interest sooner. I am so looking forward to my victory lap year at NYU.

Michelle poses with a grad cap and gown. Cap reads: Proud to be First
This is me holding my graduation cap decorated to symbolize that I am a Latina first-generation college student🇨🇴🇵🇷

Michelle Alvarado

College of Arts & Science, majoring in Global Public Health & Biology, Social Entrepreneurship minor

First NYU, then what are you doing after graduation?

Michelle: I will be taking 2 gap years before hopefully starting medical school in Fall 2025! I am going to be pursuing the Medical Observation and Scribe Training (MOST) Fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic right after graduation.

What in your NYU experience helped prepare you for this next step?

Michelle: First NYU, Then the Cleveland Clinic! Man, have these four years shaped quite the applicant! In my first year, I started working as an Admissions Ambassador, an experience that shaped the professional I have become! While fulfilling my desire to show prospective college students that they CAN make it and obtain a world-class education regardless of where they come, I also built up my leadership skills by becoming a Supervisor for my third and fourth years in the program.

Along the way, I’ve met students from all different walks of life, inspiring me with their passion for their interests. Most of all, I feel so rewarded to step in the shoes of those who inspired me as a first-year student. Through becoming an ambassador supervisor, a first-year RA, and mentoring sorority and fraternity members, I have connected with students through roles that meant a lot to me. All of these experiences have transformed me into the (first-generation) college graduate I am today!

Hi! I’m Kerri Kearse (she/her) and I am the Assistant Director of Content Marketing on NYU’s Undergraduate Admissions team, meaning that I am editor-in-chief of the MeetNYU content site and manager of the MeetNYU social media channels! I am a UNC Chapel Hill grad (Go Heels!) and now a part-time Master’s student at NYU Gallatin studying “Narrative, Psychology, and Culture.” When I’m not working for NYU, you can usually find me playing a lot of Dungeons & Dragons, working on a writing project, watching too much reality tv, strolling through the city listening to a podcast, or playing Hades on Nintendo Switch.