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You’ve waited what seems like an eternity to hear the news. And … drumroll, please … you did it! The admissions counselors reviewed your application and decided that you are the right fit for NYU. But now it’s your turn to decide if NYU is the right fit for YOU! And learning about the NYU student experience is the best way to do that!

I know what you’re thinking. You’ve spoken to an admissions representative at your school, you’ve scoured the website, and you’ve watched all the Instagram takeovers. So what more could you learn that you don’t already know? The truth is, there’s so much more to learn about NYU. And hearing it firsthand from current NYU students is the best way to do so. 

Our students share their NYU experience through honest and compelling stories on our Meet NYU platform. Here are 10 things admitted students need to know about student life at our global university—and the student stories to back them up.


1. You Belong Here

Once the excitement of getting in wears off, you might start to have doubts about whether you’re good enough to attend NYU. And you’re not alone in that feeling. In her article, Maite reminds you that you were chosen for a reason and shares strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome.  She and the NYU community are cheering you on. And we can’t for you to join us.

2. Our Curriculum is Flexible

NYU students find comfort in the core curriculum’s flexibility. That’s because it allows them to tailor required courses to fit their interests and major requirements. In the same vein, Katrina discusses the core points of the core curriculum here.

Students sitting in a lecture hall.

3. You Are Free To Explore Your Passions...All of Them

At NYU, we understand that students have multiple passions and interests. And our flexible curriculum and 230 majors encourages you to explore them all. For example, this article talks about how Hilary pursued a double major to combine her interests in Physics and Art History. And Mauro blended art and business to find his perfect match. Likewise, Rhea discusses how she manages her time with her majors in Film & TV and Political Science.

Two students looking at the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn
Two female students walking in Washington Square Park

4. NYU is Chock Full of Amazing Resources

Zach teaches you how to make the most of NYU’s resources in his article. And Michelle discusses how she utilizes NYU’s resources to help her prepare for the professional world. Additionally, Noa shares all the different ways NYU supports student mental health.


5. Virtual Learning Has Its Benefits

Virtual learning doesn’t have to be scary. Our professors have made sure to keep virtual classes engaging. Zach shares tips on how to succeed in the virtual classroom.

6. Fall in New York City is Magical

It’s chock full of pumpkins, brightly colored leaves, and apple everything. In this guide to fall, Gage tells you all about what your first semester in New York City could be like. Most importantly, don’t forget to pick up a PSL at the campus Starbucks!

7. You Will Love Where You Live

Moving to a new city is a huge transition. So you may be worried about what it’s like to live and learn in a city like New York. Luckily, Sinéad and Zach are here to show you the ropes. In their article, they outline everything you need to know about our residence halls.  And Spencer talks about how he found his home away from home in NYU’s Residential College. Finally, Mia shares tips and tricks in her guide to our first year residence halls.

8. NYU Students are NYC VIPs

NYU students feel like VIPs in New York City because of all the discounts available to them. And your NYU ID is your ticket to the most exclusive perks the city has to offer. Here’s a guide to exploring the city on a student budget.

GIF of a woman saying, “I’m on a budget.”

9. You Will Find a Community Here

NYU students find support and comfort in the microcommunities that make up the larger NYU community. So students like Izzy have found support in religious communities. Some have found a home with students who share a salient identity. In addition, there are students who have found comfort in connecting with those who share similar values. Sanjana shares how she found her family through getting involved on campus.

10. You Will Find Your Way

Finally, your transition might be rocky, but you will find your home here just like Noa, who shares some valuable insider tips in her article. If you need more encouragement, Rida reflects on her transformative first year at NYU. And of course, we can’t forget about our international students. Keiarn tells the tale of her transition to college from the other side of the world. Finally, here’s some advice from sophomore Aleksandra, who looks back on her first-year experience.

Camille Wilson is the Associate Director of Strategic Student Communications in the Division of Enrollment Management at NYU. She’s spent the last decade in Higher Education working to nurture and inspire student leaders by supporting their holistic growth and development. When she’s not mentoring college students, she’s helping her readers toast to life’s memorable moments on her blog.