When students reflect on their study away journeys, it’s often the everyday things that stand out: conversing with locals in their host country’s language for the first time, learning to navigate their new city, or realizing they finally felt at home in their adopted culture. Through NYU’s global network of 15 locations on six continents, you have the chance to study away for a semester, a year, a January Term, or a Summer Session. You’ll find that global lessons are possible around every corner. It’s all part of the NYU experience.

Here’s what students shared when we asked them about their most memorable moments studying away.

Students walking on a wooden bridge suspended between trees in the forest.

NYU Accra

“One of my most memorable experiences was leaving the city of Accra to visit the Western Region of Ghana. This was a special experience for me while studying at NYU Accra because I got a new perspective on Ghana and connected with nature.”

Jesiah Matthews, Sociology, College of Arts and Science, 2023

A bird’s-eye view of Buenos Aires.

NYU Buenos Aires

“I remember sitting on the grass in a park near my flat and striking up a conversation in Spanish with my neighbor. It was a moment when I felt I was beginning to feel settled in the city. I had an hour-long conversation in Spanish, which was a personal accomplishment. It was a small but significant shift during my time at NYU Buenos Aires.”

Giulia Nagle, Nursing, Rory Meyers College of Nursing, 2024

A busy street in London with pedestrians commuting.

NYU London

“My most memorable experience from studying away at NYU London was going to Glastonbury during a school-wide cultural programming trip. We explored King Arthur’s rumored burial grounds and hiked up Glastonbury Tor.”

Lucy Rapfogel, Global Liberal Studies, Liberal Studies, 2025

A boardwalk in Los Angeles at dusk.

NYU Los Angeles

“Sitting on La Jolla Cove, literally 10 feet away from the seals, which are my favorite animals in the world. It’s very important for me to be constantly immersed in nature, and that was one of the deciding factors in choosing to study away at NYU Los Angeles. California’s mountains, parks, beaches, and lakes were such a rejuvenating part of my semester.”

Shahad Hamwi, Film and New Media, NYU Abu Dhabi, 2023

A street in central Madrid with the Metropolis Building visible in the distance.

NYU Madrid

“One of my most memorable moments was a hike organized by NYU Madrid staff. It was toward the beginning of my semester away so I did not know many people. Nevertheless, we had the best time—I laughed the entire time. That’s when I first started to get to know the NYU Madrid community.”

Alexia Ramos, Sport Management, School of Professional Studies, 2023

A view of the Louvre from inside an archway.

NYU Paris

“There is simply too much to choose from. Every single metro ride, cultural visit, lunch in the park, discussion in class, and yes, walk along the Seine, is part of a four-month-long moment at NYU Paris that was nothing short of special.”

Joanna Orphanide, Literature and Creative Writing, NYU Abu Dhabi, 2023

A bird’s-eye view of Prague.

NYU Prague

“I’ll never forget the time my classmates and I programmed a concert for the Prague Symphony Orchestra. Our professor coached us along the way as we designed an experience to introduce young audiences to classical music in a more accessible environment. The opportunity at NYU Prague for a bunch of college students to work with a professional philharmonic is hard to come by anywhere else!”

Joey Duke, Music Education, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, 2024

NYU’s Global Network

In addition to NYU’s degree granting campuses in New York City, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai, students can choose to study at any of these global academic locations around the world:

Accra, Ghana
Berlin, Germany
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Florence, Italy
London, England
Los Angeles, US
Madrid, Spain
Paris, France
Prague, Czech Republic
Sydney, Australia
Tel Aviv, Israel
Washington, DC, US

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