• You can study away while staying on track for your science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) or prehealth degree.
  • NYU global sites around the world offer classes on STEM-related topics.
  • When you study away, you have the unique opportunity to explore cultural experiences related to your field of study.

Study away has long been a draw for students of art, language, and history. But the chance to explore another country while making progress toward your major isn’t just for humanities students. At NYU, students in STEM fields have plenty of options too.

A student working in a science research lab.

Classes for Every Academic Path

Prehealth and science students can easily find classes abroad within their major. For instance, students at NYU London can stay on track for medical school with science and math courses that are accepted at all American Medical College Application Service® medical schools in the United States. These courses include General Physics I, Mathematics, and Organic Chemistry I. What’s more, at NYU Accra, students can take Global Perspectives of Women’s Health and Human Rights in Africa. This unique nursing course examines the major social, cultural, and environmental forces affecting women in Africa.

“A major factor that pushed me to go abroad was the ability to take several core classes for my major while being able to enjoy myself. I knew I would make good memories,” says Maame Mensah-Bonsu, a Neural Science major who studied at NYU London. NYU London also offers courses in mathematics, computer science, and economics, as do other global academic sites, like NYU Paris.

In addition to New York City, NYU’s global network includes two other degree-granting campuses: NYU Shanghai and NYU Abu Dhabi. NYU Shanghai’s Core Curriculum covers mathematics, science, and algorithmic thinking, and the campus offers 19 majors and over 200 courses. At the same time, NYU Abu Dhabi offers more than 600 courses across 26 majors, including STEM paths like engineering and the sciences. “The STEM options at NYU Abu Dhabi fit perfectly into my academic path,” says Nashely Fajardo, a Civil Engineering major. “I loved our small classes as well as the hands-on lab experiments.”

The Louvre’s glass pyramid lit up at night in Paris.
Two people ride their bikes along a river in Berlin.

High Standards, at Home and Abroad

Lena Olson wants STEM students to know that studying away won’t set them back academically. She’s a preveterinary Biology major who studied at both NYU London and NYU Berlin. “We tend to get so caught up in the intensive requirements of our major. As a result, we think we will get behind if we leave our home campus,” Lena says. “However, by simply rearranging the order of courses, everyone is more than capable of studying abroad.”

And when you study away, you get the same high-quality learning experience as your friends back in the United States. In fact, organic chemistry, biology, and physics courses at NYU London match the departments at NYU’s campus in New York City lecture-for-lecture and lab-for-lab. “Taking a physics course in London was one of the best choices I’ve ever made,” Maame attests. “The class was small, so I had the opportunity to form relationships with my instructor and peers.”

A professor speaking with students in a technology lab.

Unforgettable Experiences

The draws of studying away go well beyond the classroom. STEM students can explore global hot spots for technology, medical advances, and engineering. “My experience studying in Abu Dhabi was amazing,” Nashely shares. “I visited Dubai almost every weekend, and I never got tired of seeing its beautiful infrastructure.”

Across the world NYU’s global academic sites help students dive into local culture. Brooke Forester, a Biochemistry and French major, took advantage of the cultural offerings for students during her time at NYU Paris. “NYU offers many great ways to see France and meet new people within the NYU Paris community,” she says. “I went on a trip to Château de Chambord in the Loire Valley and had an amazing time.” Furthermore, Elvira Wang, a Biochemistry major, participated in similar experiences while studying at NYU London. “The cultural program offers a lot of day trips during weekends. Plus, they provide free tickets for famous musicals,” she says. “Moreover, every week my physics professor would send us cultural activities related to physics.”

Whatever you study and wherever you go, studying away gives you a chance to explore new surroundings and make global connections. “It is a unique opportunity to be exposed to different cultures. At NYU London, I met a lot of people and explored a lot of London along with other European cities,” says Traman Gupta, a Computer Engineering major. “Overall, it’s just an amazing experience.”