This year, NYU Abu Dhabi is celebrating ten years of impact. Over the last decade, countless students have learned, grown, and excelled at NYU Abu Dhabi. Dr. Saghira Al Ahbabi is the parent of one such student, Maha, who is currently studying Political Science at NYU Abu Dhabi. 

While Maha was interested in attending university outside of the United Arab Emirates, she knew NYU Abu Dhabi offered something truly unique. She’d have the opportunity to experience everything that NYU Abu Dhabi’s global network had to offer while learning in an internationally diverse community with students from over 115 countries.

We sat down with Dr. Saghira Al Ahbabi to discuss how she discovered NYU Abu Dhabi, and what about the university appealed to her and her daughter.  

How did you first learn about NYU Abu Dhabi?

I have been a career diplomat for thirteen years. I was serving out of Washington when the idea of establishing an NYU campus in Abu Dhabi was still in fruition. Forward thinking leadership that sought to bring excellence and a world-class higher education to the UAE quickly turned this idea into a reality.

Fast forward, I witnessed the immense growth of high calibre UAE students through the intensive and challenging programs offered by NYU Abu Dhabi. The DC office soon became part of our students’ academic journey as vibrant interns filled our offices and told their stories of how NYUAD shaped their lives.

What were your initial impression when you learned your student wanted to apply to NYU Abu Dhabi?

My daughter, Maha Mohamed, is an avid learner who thrives on challenges and excellence. She has always been fascinated by NYUAD graduates like  HE Minister Shamma Al Mazrui whom she met in the US while Her Excellency was completing her program. During high school, [my daughter] applied to a number of schools in the US and [locally] only to NYUAD. The Candidate Weekend made her realize that NYUAD is the place to be given the diverse and challenging programs the university offers. 

What appealed to you the most about your student attending NYU Abu Dhabi?

The diversity and the progression of her program as a political science major complements her ambition and drive for well rounded education.

Now that your student is enrolled at NYU Abu Dhabi, have your initial impressions changed at all?

Most definitely. NYUAD has exceeded every expectation. What distinguishes NYUAD’s programs from other rigorous institutions, is the ability students have to plant themselves in a major while tapping into neighboring disciplines. Maha, herself, is specializing in Political Science and will have the opportunity to enrich her program with studies in Economics, Computer Science, and Visual Arts. With challenging and diverse programs, NYUAD does not create degrees. NYUAD creates leaders.

Dr. Saghira Al Ahbabi and her daughter, Maha, saw the value of an NYU Abu Dhabi education, and are thrilled with the experience she’s received thus far. To learn more about NYU Abu Dhabi, join our mailing list.