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I know this one sounds boring, but it is KEY! Engineering school doesn’t come easy and how much you have to do is great to help you figure out where you stand.

The way I do this is by keeping a small journal with me at all times. In that journal, I have all of my assignments and general things I need to keep track of. Of course, there are many ways to organize your time especially today where everything is easily accessible on the web.

Each individual is different, and you need to find whatever works for you!

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Eat Well and Stay Hydrated!

During times of stress, you tend to ignore what you put in your body because you have something more important on your mind. There’s your first mistake. Keep in mind that your body is also under pressure and change starts from within. Going to engineering school can sometimes have you on your feet the entire day!

From my experience, it’s important to give your body the fuel and water it needs! Be it a granola bar, fruit, or even bubble tea from your favorite place in the city! Being mindful about food and water helps you focus more clearly on your work!

Get Help!

This is NYU! There are people at your beck and call willing to help you during times of need! Any kind of help, we’re here. It’s understandable going to Tandon, one of the best engineering schools out there, the curriculum does demand its students to be passionate and focused, but *trust me* I get it, it can be hard.

From tutoring centers to office hours with your professor, there are people here willing to make your life easier, believe it or not! It might seem like a daunting task to go up to your professor and voice your concerns, but it is so worth it. Knowing that your professor wants nothing but the best for you is one of the greatest feelings and the resources they can provide you with just add to it!

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All our attendees receive a program at check-in that outlines the day's activities.

Trust the Process and Breathe!

This doesn’t happen overnight!

Stress is good, it fills you up with adrenaline and it gets you going! But it can also cause you to burnout. This is where breathing comes in. Focusing on your breath, taking a step back just for a moment is sometimes all you need to get that spark going again. It’s hard when your Calculus II midterm is in a week and the programming isn’t working for your robot for your engineering class. It’s okay. Trust the process. Remind yourself why you’re here. Do it again. Do it until it sinks in. It isn’t easy, this road, but it’s fruitful. Engineering school is worth it, and so are you.