There are many campuses, programs, and majors for you to pursue at NYU. We have over 230 academic programs at NYUʼs campus in New York City alone. This means there are majors for everyone, no matter what you’re interested in studying. Of course, the number of options is overwhelming. Out on the (virtual) road, I often receive many questions on how to navigate these academic options on the Common Application.

I am here to walk you through what to expect when it finally is time to apply to NYU. Read on to learn whatʼs fact and whatʼs fiction when it comes to applying!

Myth-Busting the Application Process

FACT: We can admit you to just one program at NYU

Your offer of admission will be for one program detailed in your decision letter. This is why we encourage you to do your research beforehand to determine which major(s) or campuses you will prioritize during the application process. We donʼt want there to be any surprises!

FICTION: You cannot apply “undecided” to NYU

This is not true! In fact, many students apply undecided to NYU each year. In addition, many students switch majors after enrolling with us. While you need to have a general idea of which program you are passionate about, nothing is set in stone. At NYU, we work with you as your interests develop over time. If you are interested in a variety of subjects, we recommend our Liberal Studies Core program!


FACT: Applicants to the Class of 2025 may list up to ten alternate majors on the Common App

All majors on our campus in New York City—except artistic programs that require an audition or portfolio—are available in this section. If we cannot admit you directly to your first choice, we will try to admit you to one of the alternate majors you listed. When you apply, know which program is your priority but also list majors you are open to if we cannot admit you to your primary choice. This may potentially open up other avenues to admission, so take advantage of this section!

FICTION: You are required to enroll at NYU if you are admitted to an alternate major as an early decision applicant

This is not the case. If you are admitted to one of the alternate majors you listed, you can decline your admission to NYU under both our early decision notification plans. However, you are still required to tell us your decision within the same time period (typically within two weeks) as other early decision students.

FACT: You can declare double majors and minors after enrolling with us

You still have to pinpoint one primary area of interest, but after enrolling, you can work with an adviser to declare another major or minor. Students can double-major in the College of Arts and Science and pursue a minor across any of our undergraduate schools. Keep in mind, however, that you still have to pick one primary program when you apply.

Pinpointing the Primary Program

Of course, settling on one major is easier said than done. Research course requirements and look up the job prospects of students who graduated in your favorite majors. And when in doubt, ask us! It is important to know which NYU school will be your home base, so do your research before applying to your primary program. And don’t be afraid to list alternate majors to let us know the full scope of your interests!