NYU student Caleb Martin helps students choosing NYU while wearing NYU attire and holding purple and white balloons.

Courtesy of Caleb Martin.

Choosing a school from so many options is hard.

Rupaul's Drag Race drag queen Tatianna encapsulates choosing NYU by saying
Courtesy of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Trust me. I’ve been there.

As a suburban high schooler in Minnesota, I had NO idea where I wanted to go for college. I didn’t know if I wanted to stay in Minnesota, the Midwest, or even the country! Well, 15 (!!) applications later, I had narrowed down my options (sorta). But then, after all that work, I still had to choose from the schools I got into! And no one prepared me for that part. Everyone conveniently skips over the month of April where you have to actually choose a school, and I had no idea if choosing NYU was right for me. So what then?

It works out!

I promise (don’t sue me though).

I’m here to tell you that 1) It works out. Take a deep breath. Have confidence that you’ll make the right choice and will love the school you choose. 2) You have time! A month is longer than you think and more than enough time for the right school to appear. Take a day (or a week!) to be proud of the work you’ve done before you start deciding. And 3) Choosing NYU is the easiest, best way to ensure you end up somewhere you’ll love. Take it from someone who had no idea what they wanted and still found it all in a school: there’s a place for you and all of your interests at NYU.

But how do I know for sure?

Rupaul's Drag Race drag queen Monique Heat encapsulates choosing NYU by saying
Courtesy of RuPaul's Drag Race.

You have to get all your facts!

Try and gather as much information as you can about each school you’re considering. Visiting the campus may be hard or impossible this year, so it’s even more important to utilize online resources as much as you can. Many schools are offering virtual tools to get the information you might have normally received on campus, so check them out! NYU has virtual tours, dorm tours, student testimonials, and more, all things to help see if choosing NYU is right for you. Spend time getting to know each school with an open mind before you start making your decision!

"After doing that, choosing NYU got easier and easier."

Next, size up the competition.

Rupaul's Drag Race drag queen Monique Heat encapsulates choosing NYU by saying
Courtesy of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Basically, it’s time to break out the receipts.

That’s right, I’m talking lists of pros and cons, including size, location, classes, campus, and more. For me, NYU was up against some other pretty good schools (I won’t name names), and I’m sure you’ve got some other great options as well! Maybe they’re closer to home, or maybe all of your friends and family went there. Maybe they have a “traditional” campus, or maybe they’re a lot smaller than NYU.  I considered each school I got into closely and compared the strengths and weaknesses of each. After doing that, choosing NYU got easier and easier.

Step back and look at the bigger picture.

A school is more than the sum of its parts!

You’ve done your research and compared your schools, but now you need to get a feel for the school as a whole. Think about the type of student you are and look ahead to where to want to be. Think about the vibe of the school, the education you’ll receive, and the opportunities it provides. This is when I knew for sure that choosing NYU was the right decision! I knew NYU looked good on paper, but nothing compared to the connection I felt to the school and the weird sense of belonging I had when I thought about going to NYU.

"NYU isn't what you think it is; it's so much more!"

Still not convinced?

Rupaul encapsulates choosing NYU by saying
Courtesy of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Some final thoughts:

I know you put in a ton of work to apply to all those schools in the first place (hopefully not 15 like me), but don’t let this one last hurdle stop you from landing at the right school! Choosing NYU might have been hard at the time but, looking back, it was the best decision I could have ever made. NYU gave me everything I was looking for, including rigorous coursework, amazing opportunities, vibrant campus life, and world-renowned professors. NYU isn’t what you think it is; it’s so much more! Nearly every department is top-ranked, so no matter what you want to study, NYU is the place to do it. Take the time to get to know the schools you got into on a deeper level, and I’m confident that you’ll step back and see that choosing NYU is the easiest decision you’ll ever make.