A student on the NYU campus.

Students come to NYU from all different paths, and we love that about our community. Whether youʼre thinking NYU is the right move for you, already submitted your application, or are anxiously waiting your decision, you have a lot to be excited about.

Our transfer community is a very special group on campus. This cohort of students brings expertise beyond a stellar academic and extracurricular record. Youʼre coming to NYU with other college experiences under your belt. It’s important to highlight this area of expertise in the transfer community because, just like you, they’re individuals who listened to their needs, explored new opportunities and, ultimately, found a fresh start.

Here are some ways NYUʼs transfer community stands out.

A Common Experience

At any given moment, there are students around the world considering if where theyʼre currently studying is the best place for them. I promise you, you are not alone in this journey. Every year, NYU enrolls a strong cohort of transfer students for all 10 undergraduate schools and programs in New York City. Students like Alexis Tretchok are among your peer group.

We’re There Every Step of the Way

Although you have experience navigating life as a college student, you may have questions about life at NYU. Weʼre here to help you. As a result, that may mean questions about financial aid, registering for classes, or even how to take the subway to Brooklyn! Youʼll be matched with a transfer student ambassador (TSA) who will serve as your mentor throughout your first semester on campus. TSAs are a key resource to assisting you through this transition and play a big role in advocating for transfer student resources.

Advisers Are on Your Side

As if thatʼs not enough, each of our schools has their own advising team. Advisers will reach out to you prior to your first semester at NYU. Our advisers are there to support your journey with you at the helm of the ship. For example, are you considering a minor? Or do you have interests outside of your major? Advisers look at your interests and priorities, helping you develop a plan to achieve your goals. In other words, this experience is all about you.

Resources You Should Know About

First, orientation events. I know what youʼre thinking—you already did the orientation thing. Orientation at NYU is different. Each school hosts a program specifically designed for transfer students. For example, the College of Arts and Science hosts a two-day orientation. And, because this is your journey, you’re encouraged to attend the campus-wide NYU Welcome events, but it is not required. Do-not-miss events include the Club Fair (an introduction to our more than 300 clubs and organizations) and the Universityʼs annual Reality Show.

Second, the Wasserman Center for Career Development. Itʼs never too early to start thinking about what happens after graduation. Maybe you have your sights set on a certain internship. Or maybe you have no idea what your major offers. The Wasserman Center is available to help you review your résumé, practice mock interviews, and more. Itʼs also the place to go for on-campus jobs and your NYU Handshake account.

And finally, the StudentLink Center. Registration, bursar, financial aid, international student needs and more. In other words, this one-stop shop can answer many different questions. Trust me, youʼll want to know where this center is located.

Keep an Open Mind

It can be easy to think “been there, done that” when it comes to transferring. However, I encourage you to have an open mind. Just because it didnʼt work at one school, doesnʼt mean it wonʼt work at another. NYU is unique in many ways. In other words, no two students will have the same experience, and thatʼs a great thing! Use your past experiences (good or not so good) to help you decide how you want to spend your time. Most importantly, be true to yourself. We canʼt wait to see where your journey takes you.