Thinking of Transferring to NYU? Here’s What You Need to Know…

NOTE: This article was originally published in April 2021 and has been updated for the 2022-2023 admissions cycle.

First, before you begin working on your application, let’s be sure you’re a transfer applicant. You’re considered a transfer student if….

  • You completed secondary school after finishing about 12 years of education.

AND if you meet one of the following requirements:

  • You are currently (or were once) enrolled in a degree-seeking program that is regionally accredited in the US 
  • You are currently (or were once) enrolled in a degree-seeking program at a school outside of the US. The institution must be nationally recognized by your country’s primary accrediting body 
  • You are currently (or were once) enrolled in a non-degree seeking program but have earned 24 or more semester credits by the time you enroll at NYU.

Still with me? Next, we’ll review what you need to apply. 

Application Materials

You'll want to make sure you have everything needed for your application review.


  • First, the Common App. Log on to and submit an application as a transfer student. Don’t forget to select New York University as one of your schools.
  • Next, request your high school and college transcripts. This includes proper leaving certificates/diploma including a GED. Have your school officials send the transcripts directly to NYU or upload them through your Application Portal.
  • Next, submit a letter of recommendation. Recommendation letters can be from anyone in a position of authority (supervisor, professor, etc.)

Tips for a good recommendation: Choose someone who knows you. Your recommender should speak to your academic skills, character and, if possible, be someone you’ve worked with in the past year or two.  Above all else, you should make sure they’re advocating for your success (insert smile).


  • Don’t forget standardized testing. Are you in your first year of college? Or studying part-time and will complete less than 32 credits prior to applying?  If this is you, you’ll need to submit a form of standardized testing accepted by NYU. In addition, English Language Testing is required if you have not completed three full years of study in a curriculum taught in English or if English is not your native language. 
  • And finally, review the artistic requirements. For artistic programs in Steinhdardt and Tisch, you may need to audition or submit a portfolio.

Other things to think about...

Program Offerings

For some programs at NYU, an application can only be submitted in the fall. Those programs include Global Liberal Studies, majors in the Stern School of Business, and most (but not all) majors in the Tisch School of the Arts. If you’re interest in one of these programs or schools, it’s important you’re mindful of the deadlines or you’ll be waiting a whole another year to apply (yikes!) On the other hand, the College of Arts and Science, most programs in Steinhardt (aside from a few), and lots of others allow spring transfers.

Second Bachelor's Degree

Do you already have a bachelor’s degree (from NYU or another university)?  You can earn a second bachelor’s degree in nursing or engineering at NYU. See this link for more information. 

Gaps in Education

Explain any gaps in education. For example, did you take time off after earning a few credits? Or did you complete a service trip for a year? Maybe you served in the military? In other words, tell us how you spent your time! This will help us in the review process and will limit unnecessary delays. 

Application Fee

While the application fee should never prevent you from applying, NYU does have a non-refundable application fee of $80.00. Alternatively, you can request a fee waiver through the application.

Finally, you'll want to be aware of any deadlines

For a fall start term, the application deadline is April 1st. For Spring the deadline is November 1st. I always recommend submitting your application (and materials) as far ahead of the deadline as possible.