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Kennedy Carlick

Kennedy Carlick is an Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions at NYU. A New Jersey local, you can often find them hiking a trail or sleeping under the stars. They recruit students from Ohio, northern New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Maine and enjoy helping students find their way to their best fit college. Kennedy enjoys reading and writing about gender, birdwatching, and spending time with their beloved pet rabbit, Louise. If you see them around NYU, feel free to stop and chat about the local bird species- especially the pigeons of Washington Square Park!
A student sitting in Washington Square Park.
How to College Search with Pride

While there are many factors that go into the college search process, LGBTQIA+ students may have additional considerations when building their college list.

female student in physics lab
This or That: Physics vs. Applied Physics

Yes, there are two different physics programs at NYU. Yes, they are in two different schools. What's the difference? We'll tell you!

Washington Square Park.
Gender, Pronouns, and Coming Out in Your Application

How do you navigate coming out in your college application? NYU has advice about how to be proud of who you are and make a great first impression.