An NYU flag hanging from a building.

So you’re interested in NYU: you’ve looked at the website and you’ve attended an info session. You’re also on Meet NYU right now, so clearly you’re doing your research. But if you want to go deeper, there are lots of ways to connect virtually with NYU to get a feel for our different schools and programs. A good next step is to check school and department social media accounts. Then, check to see if they are offering school-based info sessions or open houses. Departments and programs at NYU also often have events that are open to the public. And since many are continuing to make them digitally accessible, you can attend from wherever you are.


A professor lecturing in a classroom to students, over this image reads
Experience NYU’s Trailblazing Faculty

You can register for the NYU Trailblazer series—a TED Talk–style video series featuring research and insights from some of NYU’s most accomplished and compelling professors. Upcoming talks include Recovering Hidden Knowledge: Untold Stories of the Black Experience with Professor Jacqueline Bishop and China-Africa Relations: Past and Future with Professor Adele Carrai. Can’t make it? Check out the NYU Trailblazers archive on our YouTube channel.

A person looking at a screen playing an abstract film
Be a Game Design Major for a Day

Are you a game maker? Apply for a virtual spot at Playtest Thursdays. This weekly event is an opportunity for game developers to test out their in-progress games—whether you’re making a board game or a virtual reality experience. Here, members of the NYU community, including NYU Game Center students and faculty, are on hand to playtest games and offer you their feedback. It doesn’t matter if you’re finished with your game or just beginning. All levels of experience and development are welcome.

A student reading in Washington Square Park.
Get Inspired at a Reading

The NYU Creative Writing Program livestreams their renowned reading series. It features fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from some of the best emerging and established writers in the world.

Commemorate World AIDS Day Through Art

What does LGBTQ+ art and performance mean for you? How can art and performance be a healing tool during times of great crisis and loss? Join the NYU LGBTQ+ Center on Thursday, December 2, 2021, for a conversation in their Quench series around LGBTQ+ art and performance influenced by the AIDS epidemic.

Students performing an interpretative dance onstage
Catch a Tisch Show

Tisch Dance Works will be livestreaming on November 18 and 19, and ​​the Department of Design for Stage and Film’s virtual design show is up until May 2022.

Zoom in on the NYU Experience

There are many interactive Zooming in on NYU sessions offered by NYU Undergraduate Admissions. At each one you’ll go deeper into a different aspect of the NYU experience, from studying abroad to finding your community.

Connecting virtually with NYU will help you learn more about which schools and programs are a good fit for you, so we hope you’ll explore these and other opportunities to learn more about all that NYU has to offer. And of course, NYU Undergraduate Admissions is always here to answer your questions, so don’t hesitate to reach out.