Three students hanging out in front of the arch at Washington Square Park.
Washington Square Park: NYU’s Campus Quad in Every Season

Whether there’s snow on the ground or the temperature hits 95, you’ll always have a reason to spend time at the heart of NYU’s campus in New York City.

Rubin First Year Hall
Living in NYC: Guide to First Year Residence Halls

Excited to call NYU home? Check this out to get more details about some of our first-year residence halls and where you may be staying when you arrive on campus.

A portrait of Public Safety security officer Coulako Issouf.
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NYU Public Safety Is in Your Corner

Safety first. And second. And third.

Three students hanging out in an NYU dorm room.
5 Questions for an NYU Resident Assistant

An NYU resident assistant (RA) talks about adjusting to life in New York City, programming for incoming students, and what he loves most about being an RA.

Over head shot of NYU Abu Dhabi campus
In and Of the City of Abu Dhabi

New York may be the city that never sleeps, but Abu Dhabi is a hub of culture, innovation, and entertainment that gives its sister city a run for its money.

Sunset view of Paris, France
First Year Away at NYU Paris

Check out the following list of skills that you can potentially acquire by studying at a First Year Away Program.

A couch with a trunk as a coffee table.
The Apartment Hunt: An NYU Student’s Survival Guide

Renting an apartment in New York City can be hard. Here are some tips to help you with your hunt.

An aerial of New York City shot from an airplane window.
Design in NYC: The Big Apple of My Eye

New York is a visual hub—with a variety of aesthetically interesting places to explore. This article examines design in NYC.

Student looking up at the Shanghai skyline.
Comparing Life in Shanghai and New York City

Shanghai is a lot more like New York City than you think. Check out just a few of the reasons you’ll love living in Shanghai!

The author standing in a New York City street.
One Year in New York City As an NYU Student

In what ways do students change after spending one year at NYU? Here is a reflection on what that experience is like and how both NYU and New York City can help you grow in such a short amount of time.