The New York City skyline at night.

New York City’s skyline for some inspiration!

So you’ve decided to spend your first Summer in New York! The great thing about New York is there’s so much to do. But… there’s so MUCH to do. It’s easy to be overwhelmed, or unsure of where to start.  From festivals, to markets, to good food you’ll have plenty to chose from for your first Summer in New York City. But fear not, use this guide, and you’ll have a Summer to remember!

Step 1: PLAN

Adam Sandler saying, “Trust me. It works.”

Classes may be over, but you’ve got a little work to do to make this Summer one you won’t forget. But this time, there’s no wrong answers! Start by a general plan, or bucket list of things you’d like to see, do, and (my personal favorite) eat. There’s great places to start like, Time Out , which has weekly events and activities for the best things to do in the City. I am a sucker for fun flea markets and small business vendors, and there’s tons of ways to show up and support them.

Step 2: Reach OUT

If you’re like me, you are a little bit of a nervous extrovert. But, some of my favorite memories have come from me reaching out to someone, and just asking if they wanted to join me on some adventure. From picnics in the park, to rollerskating down the block, don’t be afraid to hit someone up to join you. My best friends and I met our first year, because of a craving for tacos, and a nervous text to see if anyone wanted to come. Everyone is going to be looking for something to do this Summer. Outside is open y’all! It’s time to take advantage of it.

Sh'money Sh'money

Let’s be real. Summer in New York City can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Set a budget! There’s also so much free and discounted things to do for students all over the city. The fun thing doesn’t have to be the most expensive thing. A picnic with some chicken over rice ruled my first city Summer. Now, I set a weekly budget and STICK TO IT. But, I also leave a set amount for things that might pop up! But the most important thing to remember for your Summer budget, is that you can make it work if you put in the work. Planning sets everything in motion.

Marisa's Super Secret Summer Bucketlist

Now I’ve given you some tools, but you may be looking for some specifics. So let’s take a peak at my master bucket list for my Summer in the city.


  1. Big Picnic/ Carnival adventure in Coney Island.
  2. Fully Halal All You Can Eat – ( yes you read that right) Korean BBQ –  Eatzy Thai – Just opened at 3309 Broadway, Astoria
  3. Boat Tours!! There’s all sorts of boat tours in the city where you can get a group of friends together, see some tourist-y sites, and some even come with a hot tub (YUP!)
  4. Visit  Black Owned Restaurants and Stores in Bed Stuy. I just moved to Brooklyn this Summer and I can’t wait to try everything on this list


Let's Go!!

Now, that’s only the beginning of my bucket list for these Summertime plans. But, a small plan turns into an unforgettable day. Remember what I said here. Plan, reach out, budget, and GO! Enjoy each and everyday this Summer. That can look like exploring or simply resting. After this crazy year, we deserve any and everything that will make us feel all the joy you can. Now the city is ready for you, go out there (safely) and get it!

Marisa is a third year student at Tisch School of the Arts Studying Drama with a Minor in Film and TV. She previously was in the Experimental Theater Wing and plans to continue studying at The Atlantic Acting Studio. She is also a Resident Assistant at Coral Towers. A Virginia native, she spends most of her time writing scripts, doing yoga, and eating Halal Guys (chicken over rice never misses). She hopes to continue to collaborate with other artist of color and create a production company that will continue to bring joy and truth to her community.