The NYU Abu Dhabi campus.

NYU Abu Dhabi’s 38-acre campus on Saadiyat Island is designed and equipped to make your college experience extraordinary.


State-of-the-art creative spaces. Cutting-edge research facilities. Abundant community areas. Contemporary and comfortable housing. Everything you need to pursue greater academic heights and strengthen your capacity as a global citizen is here. Welcome to NYU Abu Dhabi.

Students walking on the High Line at NYU Abu Dhabi.
Students sitting and talking in one of NYU Abu Dhabi's many outdoor common areas.
A Place to Connect

The High Line is a series of aboveground walkways, green spaces, and common areas that connect the campus. From here, you can access virtually the entire campus, including the Campus Center, dining halls, the Experimental Research Building, and the Arts Center. Student dorms also sit on the High Line. This promotes a peaceful neighborhood feel and provides a wonderful outdoor space for you to get together with friends from all over the world.

A visitor admiring an installation piece at the NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery.
Visitors viewing artwork at the NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery.
A Place to Create

The NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery, located at the entrance to campus, curates historical and contemporary art and cultural exhibitions. Equipped to exhibit all media, the Art Gallery showcases both scholarly and experimental installations as well as student projects and international exhibitions.

Just a short walk across campus from the Art Gallery is the Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi. A vibrant, creative laboratory, the Arts Center is a complex of art studios, rehearsal spaces, and project galleries. It is also home to the 700-seat Red Theater, the Black Box performance space, and the 150-seat Blue Hall concert venue. The Arts Center’s public programming brings together the university and Abu Dhabi communities to explore and experience cultural exchange through art.

A view of the NYU Abu Dhabi Library from its mezzanine level.
Two students studying together in the NYU Abu Dhabi Library.
A Place to Achieve

Located on the top floor of the Campus Center, the NYU Abu Dhabi Library is a favorite study spot for students. In addition to reading areas and rooms for small and large group study, the library gives you access to NYU’s entire global network of digital resources. Staff are always on hand to help with research needs. So whether you’re prepping for a test or diving deep into the library’s special collections, your academic pursuits are well supported.

The Campus Center is also home to the Career Development Center, lounges, game areas, and athletic facilities. The olympic-size swimming pool, indoor track, weight and cardio equipment, basketball courts, and rock climbing wall are accessible to students, staff, and faculty all year round.

Students working with a professor in an NYU Abu Dhabi woodworking studio.
A female-resenting student of color conducting research in an experimental laboratory at NYU Abu Dhabi.
A Place to Innovate

Students at NYU Abu Dhabi learn by doing. For some, that means engaging their creative side in studio art classes dedicated to sculpture, woodworking, or painting. For others, it means diving deep into research in the natural sciences, engineering, or public policy. But more often than not, students at NYU Abu Dhabi explore both. By using the incredible resources at their fingertips, students collaborate with peers and cultivate knowledge and skills across disciplines. This collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to education is a cornerstone of NYU Abu Dhabi—one that prepares you to be a leader in any field you choose to pursue.

Students, faculty, and staff sitting at tables, eating a meal, and conversing.
Patrons waiting in line at a cafe on NYU Abu Dhabi’s campus.
A Place to Call Home

In between classes, research, and extracurriculars, you need to refuel your mind and body. NYU Abu Dhabi has plenty of options for that. For example, two dining halls serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily, rotating their menus to offer a global culinary experience. The Marketplace, located on the 2nd floor of the Campus Center, offers a full range of delectable options—including burgers, noodles, pizza, salads, and smoothies—as well as plenty of space to relax and catch up with friends. In addition, you can get your caffeine fix there. Or you might decide to stop by the Library Cafe, which is just steps from the entrance of the library.

Welcome to a campus that is far from conventional. A campus where the resources you need to achieve your goals are always at your fingertips. Welcome to NYU Abu Dhabi. Welcome home.


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