Conveniently connected to the Kimmel Center for Student Life, the Global Spiritual Life Building (GCASL) houses NYU’s religious centers, mindfulness department, and gathering spaces. There are also lecture-style and seminar-style classrooms that many programs utilize. 

Religious Centers

NYU GCASL is a multifaith space and is home to the Bronfman Center, Catholic Center, Hindu Center, and Islamic Center. NYU students can be connected with spiritual life advisors and faith-based clubs. Additionally, there are prayer and meditation spaces scattered throughout that students can use during the day. Check out Ambassador Maggie and Ivan’s article on what spiritual life looks like on campus!

Mindfulness NYU

This is an initiative that promotes wisdom, compassion, and well-being on campus. They host free yoga and meditation classes at NYU GCASL throughout the school year. Students can also visit this department to find student-led mindfulness clubs on campus. Looking to stay up to date with all the events they host? Make sure to follow their Instagram

Yasmin Hung (she/her/hers) is a rising senior pursuing Psychology in CAS with a minor in public health. She is interested in research regarding inclusive healthcare, particularly in women’s and reproductive health. As an international student, originally from Taiwan, she moved many times growing up. NYU’s diverse student body and global campus experiences are what drew her to this university. When she isn’t working as an admissions ambassador or studying for her next psychology exam, she enjoys cooking for her friends, meticulously organizing niche Spotify playlists, and trying out new Chinese food restaurants around NYC.