They say the neon lights are bright on Century Avenue. If the multi-layered cosmopolitan life and amazing global education at NYU Shanghai speak to you, why not come for a campus visit? In 2023, we’ll move to the new Qiantan campus. But before that, you can experience the ‘hai life during a 2-hour visit. This “vertical campus” is compact, but full of wonderful features for you to explore. 

Okay, so you’ve scheduled your campus visit with us. Before you set foot on the NYU Shanghai campus, here is some advice to help you make the most of your visit.

Individualize Your Research

As an admissions officer, I’m always impressed by how much students already know about us. However, don’t feel pressured to know everything – that’s what we admissions officers are here for! The purpose of your pre-visit research is to figure out whether the school is the best fit for YOU. What do you value most in a university? Its location? Study abroad opportunities? In what environment do you learn the best? A diverse community? Small class size? What interests you outside the classroom? Community services? Sports? By asking yourself these questions, you can focus your research on your own priorities. Of course, some of the answers are on our website, and the rest is what you want to bring into the face-to-face conversation with admissions officers and ambassadors.

“Is This for Me?”

“What are you looking for in your applicants?” I get this question a lot. NYU admissions do emphasize “fit” in our evaluating process. However, I strongly recommend prospective students to first ask themselves, “Is this for me?” Actually, this question should come up over and over in the back of your head during the tour. When your guide tells you loads of facts about the school, cross-check them with your priorities. To be honest, the perfect match doesn’t exist. Usually, if the “wow” moments align with the top 5 things you value, maybe you’ve found a fit!

Picture yourself actually studying and living here, and don’t shy away from asking questions. Our admissions ambassadors love sharing their personal journey to NYU Shanghai and what their experience has been like. What’s more, they were once in your shoes. As long as you get answers to your big questions, it is okay to let the conversation flow and have fun!

Plan Beyond

You have traveled far for this visit, so why not extend it beyond the campus tour? Reach out to professors you’re interested in, or ask a current student you “met” via social media for a coffee chat. You can also check out our campus event calendar for events open to the public and RSVP. Moreover, Because the city center area is totally within a 30-minute metro ride, you can even get a taste of what student life is like outside of the classroom in the big city. 

Record, Reflect and Refresh

Your visit at NYU Shanghai has a very limited time frame, but your research of the school can go beyond. While we ask visitors to refrain from taking photos of people, we do encourage visitors to take pictures of spaces and facilities. Also, our welcome center has admissions brochures for you to take home. We get that you may visit different schools throughout the year, so we hope you can have something to go back to in your decision-making process. If you have further questions on anything about NYU Shanghai, you can always reach out to the admissions team for help.  

Yan Liang is an assistant director at NYU Shanghai Undergraduate Admissions based in Shanghai, mainly working with Chinese applicants. She is passionate about sharing tales about the cities of Shanghai and New York, and supporting adventurous souls in their quest to take on global experiences here at NYU. After a few years in Seattle, she is back on the east coast of China but remains a Seahawk fan.