• I Recognize You (IRY) provides a safe, supportive environment for all womxn-identifying people of color.
  • The club’s underlying goals are always social justice and self-care.
  • While designed for social work students, IRY is open to anyone who would like to join.
A group of womxn-identifying people of color who are also members of the I Recognize You club at NYU.

The NYU Silver School of Social Work offers more than a dozen groups and clubs. Students can join to find friendship and spark change both at the University and around the world. From student councils to special interest organizations and identity-based groups, NYU Silver has a community for everyone. In fact, this week we’re featuring I Recognize You (IRY). This student-led, identity-based club at NYU Silver cultivates a safe and supportive environment for all womxn-identifying people of color.

IRY’s Mission and Values

IRY members show up as they are, without fear of being judged. They also value integrity, respect, social justice, inclusivity, sisterhood, and professional development. What’s more, IRY’s mission is twofold, says IRY copresident and MSW student Giselle Mora. It aims to foster meaningful discussions on topics like identity, leadership, and discrimination and to serve as a self-care group where members can practice mindfulness and self-preservation.

“Everything we do connects to social justice and self-care,” says Giselle. “I Recognize You has always been a place where we can let go and be ourselves. It’s a safe space where we can talk openly and comfortably about all things related to school, life, and social work.”

A member of the I Recognize You club, who is a womxn-identifying person of color, paints a canvas.
A close up of an I Recognize You club member painting on a small canvas.

The Who and the What

While I Recognize You focuses on womxn-identifying people of color who are pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Social Work, anyone from across NYU who identifies personally or as an ally is welcome to join the club, says Giselle. Plus, it’s easy to join. Just sign up on NYU Engage to receive IRY’s latest updates and invitations to events.

Every semester I Recognize You hosts membership meetings and various events focused on mindfulness and relaxation. Last year, for example, they virtually taught meditation and wellness practices along with relaxation techniques, hosted a paint-and-sip night with mocktails, planned a vision board party, and talked about the importance of setting boundaries, promoting self-love, and addressing vicarious trauma. This year, they plan on doing more of the same with an additional emphasis on professional development.

Two members of the I Recognize You club, who are also womxn-identifying people of color, hold up small painted canvases.

The Broader Impact

For Giselle, I Recognize You has had a profound impact on her life, transforming the way she understands her identity and academic achievements. “As a Latina, and as a woman of color, IRY makes me feel good about who I am and what I’ve accomplished,” she says. “There are so few of us earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees—I have so much pride in what we’re achieving. That sense of pride? That’s what I’ve gained from this group.”