African Students Union students at a mixer.

Welcome to African Students Union!

The African Student Union logo: the African continent inside a circle with the words, “NYU ASU, African Students Union.”


Welcome, bienvenue, and marhabaan to the African Students Union (ASU)! If you’re searching for an organization on campus where you can let your African heritage shine or learn more about African cultures, ASU is the club for you.

ASU was founded just over a decade ago by African students at NYU. Today, ASU has over 400 members. Its mission is to promote cultural exchange and community. What’s more, all students, no matter their heritage, are welcome to join.

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The People You Meet

With the African Students Union, you have many opportunities to expand your cultural horizons even beyond the people you meet at ASU meetings and events. For example, ASU often has cross-collaborative events with the Black Student Union and the Caribbean Student Association. Plus, it has cross-school collaborations with the City University of New York, State University of New York, University of Pennsylvania, and Columbia University, to name a few. Oh, the people you will meet!

Cultural Events

Come together, dress up in traditional attire, and enjoy the live performances, dances, music, fashion shows, and delicious food! Usually, Africa Night has a commemorative theme. For example, Sesa, which means “transformation,” was a recent one. Click below to view the TikTok I filmed of the event for @MeetNYU!


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African Students Union students compete in spicy food eating competition.
Spicy soya (skewered meat) eating competition.
ASU student fashion show.
Two students show off their traditional attire.
ASU students waving.
A group of students representing East Africa.
An ASU student singing.
A student sings live.
African Student Union members taking a mirror selfie at Africa Night.
Selfie with my friends.
An ASU African Night meal.
My Africa Night meal, featuring injera, shrimp, and beans.
Music, Karaoke, Dance Classes, and More!

Sing your heart out at the annual ASU Karaoke Night, which the Black Student Union (BSU) and the Center for Multicultural Education and Programs (CMEP) cohosts.

Throughout the years, the African Students Union has held events that feed your competitive spirit through games such as Song Association and Jeopardy.

Plus, if you are hoping to perfect you African dance moves (or learn some new ones), you can sign up for an Afrobeats dance class. You’ll learn some moves from NYU’s Afro Seke dance team or New York City choreographers. You might break a sweat, but at least you’ll listen to some great music while you’re at it!

African Students Union students at karaoke night.
Students pose for a picture after Karaoke Night hosted by ASU, BSU, and CMEP.
The Afro Seke dance team performing on a stage.
NYU Afro Seke dance team performs at the Tandon School of Engineering.
Winners of ASU Pageant
Mr. and Ms. Africa winners get crowned at ASU Pageant Show
ASU students and family cheering
ASU students and family cheering at ASU Pageant Show
A marketing poster for ASU Game Night.
A marketing poster for ASU Movie Night.
A marketing poster for Africa Week.
A marketing poster for ASU’s Love on the Island event.
Social, Cultural, and Political Discussions

Have you ever wanted to discuss what it’s like growing up African? Debate who is the best Afrobeats rising star? Connect with others on taboo topics in the African community? These types of conversations, and more, take place at various African Students Union events.

A marketing poster for the BKChat Wakanda Forever? event.
A marketing poster for a BKChat ASU Taboos event.
A marketing poster for an ASU Verzuz event.
A marketing poster for the ASU Defining Our Black History: Past, Present, and Future event..
A marketing poster for an ASU Africanish, College Edition, event.
A marketing poster for an ASU Wrapped event.
Why Join ASU?

Pourqoui pas! Why not! As a Cameroonian-American, I joined the African Students Union my first year at NYU. I was excited to dive deeper into my heritage and meet a diverse group of people along the way. Above all, ASU is more than just a club, it is a family. Thus, as you have learned from this article so far, many events offer delicious food and upbeat music. Plus, any event that has my favorites things—music, food, and people—is an event for me!


The author wearing traditional clothing, holding a small Cameroon flag.

Esofi Nunyi is a senior in the College of Arts and Science studying Global Public Health and Sociology on the premed track. Born in Maryland, Esofi is an east coast native but spent some time living in North Dakota. Aside from being an Admissions Ambassador, Esofi enjoys going for walks in the city and trying new foods!