• As such a diverse community, students at NYU also have a diverse range of summer commitments.
  • Some students intern or work, others enjoy their downtime exploring the city or their hometown.
  • Some students enroll in courses to stay on track with their degrees, others return home to spend time with family and recharge before the new semester.

Kate, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development (Media, Culture, and Communication)

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What Is Kate Doing This summer?

As a Media, Culture, and Communication major, I’ve been working for a boutique public relations (PR) agency to learn more about the nuances of the PR industry and develop myself professionally in an in-person environment. Due to COVID-19, all my internships in the past were remote. So it’s been nice to finally have the chance to meet all my coworkers in person and to network with new people.

A lot of my friends from college and home are also working in New York City. So it’s been so much fun to hang out with everyone during the weekends. During this time, I love to visit vintage stores and try new restaurants. With more free time during the summer, I’ve also been hosting game nights in my apartment.

I’m also planning to return to California at the end of August to spend time with my family before the semester begins.

Kate’s Tips for Feeling Fulfilled During Summer Break

I recommend pursuing a personal passion project during the summer. Internships are an amazing way to build your résumé/portfolio and professionally develop yourself. However, personally feeling fulfilled during the summer also comes from taking some time each week to focus on something you love. Whether you are a major foodie and your passion project is something as simple as creating a food account, or you want to tune into your creative side and start a jewelry business, it’s always fulfilling to be able to dedicate time to your hobbies.

Yasmin, College of Arts and Science (Psychology)

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What Is Yasmin Doing This Summer?

Since I’m an international student, I don’t get to see my family during the school year. So I took a month out of my summer to fly home to Taipei. Getting to spend time with my high school friends, grandparents, and the rest of my family will definitely be my summer highlight!

For the rest of the summer, I will be taking some classes that fulfill my Data Science minor. On top of that, I’m working as a research assistant for the EMPOWER Lab and RISE lab. As a student looking to pursue a graduate degree in the field of public health, I’m very excited to be doing extensive research into fields like trauma-informed care this summer.

Last (but definitely not least), I will be working in the admissions office. From giving tours and answering calls to conducting Instagram takeovers for @meetnyu, this will definitely be the highlight of the latter part of my summer.

Yasmin’s Tips for Feeling Fulfilled During Summer Break

I think when it comes to summer break, there’s a very narrow definition of what it means to be “productive.” Usually, it means an internship. However, I think there are a lot of different things you can fill your summer with. As an international student, taking time to go home and spend time with my family is very important to me. I don’t get to do this at all during the academic year. I used to feel guilty for taking time out of my summer to go home. However, as a rising senior, I have zero regrets about doing this. Being able to go home for part of my summer has ultimately put me in a better headspace and helped me feel more prepared for the upcoming school year.

Bevin, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development (Nutrition and Food Studies)

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What Is Bevin Doing This Summer?

This summer I’m spending time at home on Long Island. I’ve been cooking a lot for my friends and family and doing summery things like horseback riding, hiking, and going to a water park. When I’m home, I like to take advantage of the things I wouldn’t be able to do in the city during the school year.

Academically, I’ve been doing a remote research internship about food advertisements in social media and their effectiveness. This project is a great start to building my résumé toward a career in food and nutrition. I opted for a remote internship because I knew I wanted to soak up time at home and relax after my first year. This allows me to enjoy my time at home while still working on something that will benefit my professional life.

Bevin’s Tips for Feeling Fulfilled During Summer Break

You are not lazy or a failure if you didn’t get or don’t have an internship right away. I thought my remote internship wasn’t good enough in comparison to the ones of my peers, but that isn’t true. It works for me, fulfills my needs, and that’s all that matters. Additionally, it’s OK to let yourself enjoy your summers and not work at all. Productivity isn’t working 24/7; it’s finding a balance between work and leisure to avoid burnout. Taking time off is productive because you will feel much more refreshed and ready for what’s to come. If you need a break, support your own needs and take care of yourself. Reflect on your past semester and what you want to improve on. Enjoy the downtime because, soon enough, internships and school work will eat away at it. 

Moreover, don’t compare your progress to others’ progress. Whether it be in your social or professional life. It’s easy to compare and think that you’re lacking in certain areas of your life, but in reality, it’s all in your head. In high school I was so used to being in a friend group, so when I didn’t find a permanent group right away in college, it made me sad to witness groups of friends around me. However, while I was too busy comparing myself, I didn’t realize how good my one-on-one friendships were. Eventually, I did find my permanent group. Just know that your time will come. Whether it’s finding friends, an internship, or a job. Just because it didn’t happen one semester, don’t let it discourage you. Good things take time.

JiJi, College of Arts and Science (Politics)

What Is JiJi Doing This Summer?

This summer I flew back home to Seoul, South Korea, to see my family! During this time, I started a YouTube channel and a blog.

JiJi’s Tips for Feeling Fulfilled During Summer Break

I wish I knew that summer before college is a great opportunity to explore what my passions are by adventuring into different things. Most importantly, I wish I hadn’t felt so insecure when comparing my summer to others’ summers. Everyone has their own pace and journey.

Andrew, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development (Music Theory and Composition)

Two people wearing scrubs in a doctor’s office.
Two people in front of a chalkboard filled with music notes.
What Is Andrew Doing This Summer?

I am currently in summer school, working as an Admissions Ambassador, and a music tutor. Additionally, I’m volunteering at a New York City hospital in the emergency department while getting certified as a clinical medical assistant by the National Healthcareer Association.

Andrew’s Tips for Feeling Fulfilled During Summer Break

I think summer is a wonderful time to take a moment to rest, hang out with friends, and travel. But it also comes with opportunities to discover your areas of interest, such as attending academic events, internships, volunteering, or research.

Justine, Tandon School of Engineering (Integrated Design and Media)

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What Is Justine Doing This Summer?

This summer I took NYU summer classes! I took Ethics and Technology and Graphic Communication for Urban Issues. I took classes last year and I wanted to do it again because summer classes are more interesting. Even though the courses are condensed into six weeks, I think each of my professors tried to make class fun and engaging. At least once a week for one of my classes, we would go out to explore different parts of New York City. For instance, for my graphic communication class, we went to the Whitney Museum of American Art to see their newest exhibition!

Aside from school, I’ve been taking time to move into my apartment in the East Village, eating lots of great food in the city, and spending time exploring more neighborhoods I don’t have time to go to during the busy fall and spring semesters! I’ve been spending a lot of time in Brooklyn since I live right next to the L train. So it’s nice to get out of Manhattan more.

I’m also traveling this summer. I’m currently in Los Angeles (LA) for a family reunion and to spend time with my immediate family since it’s been a while since we’ve all seen each other. In LA, I’m eating well, shopping, and going to Universal Studios! I’m also planning a trip to Montreal!

Justine’s Tips for Feeling Fulfilled During Summer Break

If you can have time to take them, I think summer classes are a really great opportunity! I took a design studio class in the summer between my first and second year. During this course, I met NYU upper-level students who I am still friends with and other students from different universities who took NYU summer classes. The energy during the summertime in New York City is immaculate. So go out and explore! There are so many fun food festivals and outdoor events, like movie screenings, to go to.

Yasmin Hung (she/her/hers) is a rising senior pursuing Psychology in CAS with a minor in public health. She is interested in research regarding inclusive healthcare, particularly in women’s and reproductive health. As an international student, originally from Taiwan, she moved many times growing up. NYU’s diverse student body and global campus experiences are what drew her to this university. When she isn’t working as an admissions ambassador or studying for her next psychology exam, she enjoys cooking for her friends, meticulously organizing niche Spotify playlists, and trying out new Chinese food restaurants around NYC.