The author standing by the East River, with a view of Downtown Manhattan, at sunset.

  • NYU has many resources to keep you busy, but summer is the time to venture off campus and enjoy where you live, New York City!
  • Check out ScholasTix and NYU Box Office for discounted rates to movies, theatre, sporting events, and even artistic exhibitions.
  • Spend time in the park, prep for the upcoming school semester, make time for self-care and new hobbies, discover the best food in the city, and go on walks!

NYU itself has incredible resources to take advantage of. The University has everything from events, clubs, organizations, and more to keep you busy. Not to mention academics and other obligations such as a student job. For students, summer at NYU is the time to venture out and take advantage of what this incredible city has to offer! And yes, I am sharing the perspective of a busy Tisch Drama major, who, during the year, is always in class, rehearsal, or at work! Don’t get me wrong—I absolutely LOVE that lifestyle. Fast-paced, rigorous, and very structured…However, sometimes I struggle to find time to simply enjoy where I live.


A bike hangs from a pedestrian traffic light in New York City.
I love the most random but cool things you can spot on the streets of New York City.
A building and street in Downtown Manhattan.
Downtown Manhattan.

Theatre, Arts, Sports, Culture!

I would be lying if I said that my favorite thing about living in New York City is anything other than the artistic hub! As an unconditional lover of theatre, there’s no better place for me than the center of Broadway. Of course, taking advantage of all these incredible artistic events seems expensive and not accessible. However, as an NYU student, you can take part in all the city has to offer at a more affordable rate. Since my first year at NYU, I have seen a lot of theatre. And I think I obtained only one of those tickets at full price!

Thanks to the fantastic resources at NYU (e.g., ScholasTix), I’ve seen numerous shows at reduced rates or even for free. These offers are not only available throughout the academic year. Summer is a great time to attend a lot of cultural events, since you finally have the time to. I’m always excited to learn what NYU’s Box Office will offer us next. Movie tickets, sporting events, art exhibitions are all a part of the deal. It is a great way to spend those free summer days.

To learn more about entertainment in the city, read “How to Explore Entertainment in New York City on a Budget,” by fellow Admissions Ambassador Katrina.

The “Moulin Rouge” set onstage on Broadway.
“Moulin Rouge” on Broadway!
The “Fat Ham” Broadway playbill with the stage in the background.
“Fat Ham” on Broadway!

Picnic in the Park

One of my all-time favorite activities is enjoying a day at the park with some friends and snacks. I rarely have time to spend the entire day in the sun, but summer is a perfect time to do so. Living in New York City, you may quickly learn how much you miss and crave nature…So you should try to fill that need by finding it as much as you can in the city’s landscape.

My favorite park in the city is Prospect Park in Brooklyn. In my opinion, it is not only a better version of Central Park—less crowded and more local—but also a perfect spot for multiple activities. These include biking, strolling, reading a book on a blanket, listening to free live music! Close by, you have the beautiful Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Prospect Park Zoo, and Brooklyn Public Library. The Brooklyn Museum is just around the corner too! Absolutely perfect plan for a sunny, summer day :).

People picnic on blankets in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.
A summer evening in Prospect Park.
Three friends sitting on a blanket in the park, eating snacks, and laughing.
Picnic day with my friends in the best park!

Prep for the New Year!

This might seem a bit mundane, but, it is extremely beneficial to feel ready for the upcoming semester. I love to grab a journal and plan out all of the classes I am going to take. This helps me assess my academic standing and necessary credits while ensuring I am taking the most interesting courses.

In addition to any academic prep, I like to outline what my schedule will be like for my on-campus jobs and potentially search for further opportunities. Handshake, our wonderful resource to find career and internship opportunities, is most useful in this process. Exploring job sites such as LinkedIn is another way to find postings. Especially as a rising senior, I am slowly but surely beginning to think about life after college. This means preparing as best as I can for making connections in “the real world.”

Check out this article on how my fellow Admissions Ambassador Eshika found the perfect summer internship!

The author on a Zoom call for an international student panel. The computer screen has an image of the Washington Square Arch with the words “Welcome, International Student Life at NYU.”
Over the summer, I hosted a virtual panel for prospective international students for my job as an Admissions Ambassador!

Time for Self-Care and New Hobbies

Well…being a busy college student means one should always make time for self-care. That means treating yourself kindly in both times of distress and exciting highs. However, it is not always as easy as it seems to take care of yourself and feel motivated. Thus, I believe summertime is a great moment to reflect back and take a breath after a demanding school year. This way, you can set yourself up for success in the future and feel more empowered both physically and mentally.

There are some things I try my best to include every day to feel my best. This includes exercise (even if it means a simple walk), cooking at-home meals, reading instead of scrolling, listening to podcasts and good music, and, as cliche as it sounds, finding moments to just breathe (if you’re into meditation I recommend the app InsightTimer!). Moreover, the University offers endless opportunities to engage in a variety of activities. Workout classes, art and language classes, and multiple other clubs and organizations to keep you busy and inspired!

The “Self-Care in College” article is helpful if you need more tangible pointers to begin your self-care journey :).

The author sitting on a bench by the river with a book and bike.
Bike ride to the Hudson River piers with a book :).
“Have a beautiful day” written on a sidewalk in chalk.
A classic heart-warming affirmation you may find on the streets of New York City!

For the Foodies

I am ALWAYS ready to discover new spots for the yummiest foods in the city! New York City is one of those places where almost every restaurant you pass seems incredibly inviting and delicious.

Some of my favorites I find myself going back to include:

  • L’industrie Pizzeria—the best slice in Brooklyn.
  • Tonchin New Yorkmy favorite Ramen in the city.
  • Soothrthe most amazing Thai cuisine experience close to campus (Pad See Ew lover forever).
  • Culture NY—for all my fellow sweet tooths, this is the absolute best frozen yogurt there is. Perfect for hot summer days, refreshing but also full of flavor and health benefits. Yogurt is good for you right?
A New York–style pizza slice.
A bowl of ramen.
Thai food and pastry.
Frozen yogurt from Culture NY.

Walk, Walk, Walk!

I had to include this as part of my guide as this is all I do when I have a day with no plans! I love spending time strolling through various boroughs of the city (beyond Manhattan). There’s something about how every street and corner of the city is different and unique. My favorite areas to walk around include the charming West Village, the path along the Hudson River, and the hip and trendy streets of Williamsburg (do not miss the beautiful sunset views of the Manhattan panorama from Domino Park!).

The city skyline from across the East River at sunset.
East River views: sunset.
The city skyline with a bridge from the East River at night.
East River views: night.

My memories from summer in New York City are some of my best college memories. They’re filled with exciting times with friends, culture, and many fun activities. I am grateful that, as an NYU student, I have so many accessible opportunities to take advantage of this city!

Every day is a new adventure when you live in New York City :).

Julia Pasiorowska was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland. She is currently a rising senior in the Drama Program at Tisch School of the Arts, double minoring in Producing and Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology. After finishing her primary training at the Atlantic Acting School, she joined The Classical Studio for her third year – where recently, she had the opportunity to play the role of Queen Hermione in her first full Shakespeare production of The Winter’s Tale. Her lifelong passion has been theatre and performing arts, however, when she is not on stage, she feels happiest in nature, exploring the city, and eating gooood food 🙂