Washington Square Park in the wintertime.

New Year, New Memories

As the new year reels in, it is time for the inevitable period of time of reflecting and reminiscing on all the memories of the previous year. Whether this brings joy or sadness, it is something that will help us grow. It teaches us about ourselves and the experiences that make us who we are.

That being said, the new year brings in a new semester. This has given me a chance to think back on all the memories I have made while being at NYU. Now that I’m a Junior, I have had many, many experiences that have made my time at NYU absolutely amazing. Join me as I look back on photos and reflect on core memories from my time at NYU so far.

My roomate and I outside of Lipton
1. Meeting my Roomate for the First Time

When I first moved to the city, I was quite literally in tears. I was so scared of making friends in such a big city and making it my home. Little did I know that NYU was going to give me the greatest friend as my roomate. Meeting her instantly calmed my fears. As we enter our second semester of our junior year, we are still roommates. If this doesn’t convince you to go with the random roommate option, I don’t know what will.

On the bus
2. Going on a Bus Tour of the City as Orientation

NYU added another way to calm my fear off fitting in during my orientation into the Rory Meyers College of Nursing. We went on a red bus tour of all the landmarks of the city while bonding before the first day of classes. Rory Meyers helped all of the tourists live out their dreams and allowed the city natives to do something they would never do on their own.

Snow on a Car
Snow in Washington Square Park
3. My First Snowfall in the City

Did the snow get all mushy and brown the next day? Yes it did. Will I always remember it fondly? Yes I will. It was a very cold yet very fun day. It even included a very big snowball fight in Washington Square Park.

Sign at NYU Madrid
Me in a telephone booth
Me overlooking Lisbon
Ruins in Cordoba
Me in a soccer stadium
Moroccan flag in a market
Me on a camel
A black sand beach
Me in front of the Eiffel Tower
4. Studying Away at NYU Madrid

This one deserved a slideshow because of all the memories that came along with it. If you are doubting or questioning if you should study away during your time at NYU– the answer is YESSSSS. Who knows? Maybe you will end up traveling to 15 different cities in 6 different countries just like I did.

5. The Friends I Have Made

Last but not least, the reason why all of these memories have become core memories… my friends. The biggest thing I am grateful to NYU for is the friendships that coming to this school has given me. The reason that these memories have become “core memories” is because of the friendships that are tied to them. Nothing would be the same without them.

It was hard to compile this list out of all the memories that I have. With a year and a half left before I graduate, I can only imagine how many more core memories will form. That is a question for when we reach another new year and we begin to reflect once again.

Hi! I’m Oneida (oh-ney-da) but most know me as Onei (oh-neh/nay)! I’m a junior Nursing student at Rory Meyers, as well as a part of the LEAD honors program. As an extrovert, I love meeting and connecting with people. On campus, I am an Admissions Ambassador, on the Eboard for LATINOS (Latinos Aspiring to Imagine Nursing Opportunities), and community service chair for AAP (Academic Achievement Program). Originally from Virginia Beach, VA, moving to New York has been such a dream. So, when I’m not studying or working, I like to explore as much as I can and find new favorite spots in the city. P.S I get to see a lot of dogs while doing so 🙂