• NYU’s Pride Month celebrations are vibrant and inclusive, offering students opportunities to volunteer with LGBTQ+ organizations, participate in cultural activities, and engage with New York City Pride events.
  • Volunteering and attending Pride Month events at NYU has deepened my understanding of LGBTQ+ issues, fostered a strong sense of community, and inspired me to be an advocate for equality and inclusion.

Every June the LGBTQ+ community and allies celebrate Pride Month, championing acceptance, love, and equality. At NYU, vibrant events abound, and as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I actively participate. In addition, both the city and University offer inclusive activities throughout the summer, fostering belonging for all students, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

Community Engagement and Volunteering

Volunteering with LGBTQ+ organizations during Pride at NYU is a privilege. For example, I’ve worked with groups like the Brooklyn Community Pride Center and the New York City Anti-Violence Project. These experiences have been fulfilling, offering insights into the many challenges LGBTQ+ individuals encounter. From planning fundraisers to offering direct assistance, each activity sheds light on the diverse struggles of our community.

In addition to supporting these important groups, volunteering enables students to better grasp the current problems. Then, they can make constructive contributions to the cause. My involvement has increased my knowledge of the social injustices and systemic impediments that affect many LGBTQ+ people. It is always vital for me to give back to the community, even though I am a part of it.

People wearing vibrant colors marching for the Brooklyn Community Pride Center in the NYC Pride March!
Brooklyn Community Pride Center in the NYC Pride March!

Social and Cultural Activities

Throughout Pride Month in the city, NYU students can enjoy various social and cultural activities, including festivals, plays, concerts, and art shows featuring LGBTQ+ artists and their stories. For example, the Museum of Modern Art’s Pride Celebration, a special night of LGBTQ+ art and culture with dynamic performances and installations, is a standout experience. The Barnes & Noble Pride Panels, hosted at in-store locations around the city, are equally enriching. They offer insightful conversations with writers and activists, deepening audience understanding of LGBTQ+ challenges and triumphs.

PrideFest and The Main Event stand out as NYC Pride highlights, drawing sizable crowds and fostering an inclusive, joyful atmosphere. PrideFest is New York City’s annual LGBTQ+ street fair, which brings together people from different backgrounds to celebrate unity and diversity. The Main Event closes out the month, offering a spectacular showcase of music and dance. There, everyone can connect and experience the strong sense of community during Pride at NYU and beyond.

The Museum of Modern Art’s Pride Celebration logo. The acronym “MoMA” is repeated across bands of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.
The Museum of Modern Art’s Pride Celebration logo.
An illustrated person holds and waves a rainbow flag. Outlines of people riding motorcycles and raising their fists are on the flag.
Museum of Modern Art Pride Celebration illustration!

NYC Pride March with NYU

NYU students eagerly join the vibrant NYC Pride March, an essential part of Pride Month. This legendary event celebrates the LGBTQ+ community in an atmosphere that buzzes with joy and features colorful costumes and lively music. Participating students witness the power of visibility and group solidarity in advocating for LGBTQ+ rights.

This year, I’ll proudly march on the NYU float, alongside mentors and classmates. It’s a deeply gratifying experience, reinforcing NYU’s commitment to equality and acceptance. I cherish this opportunity, which fuels my determination to build a more tolerant society.

NYU students holding an NYU Langone Health banner that reads, “PRIDE,” marching in the NYC Pride March.
NYU in the NYC Pride March.

My Pride

Pride Month at NYU is not just a celebration; it’s a time for reflection and action. Students use this period to acknowledge progress in LGBTQ+ rights and recognize ongoing challenges. Motivated by their Pride Month experiences, students continue advocating for equality in the months ahead, reinforcing the University’s commitment to these values.

During my college search, I sought a place where I’d belong. At NYU, amid New York City’s energy, especially during Pride Month, I found that sense of community. NYU’s inclusive environment and vibrant celebrations of diversity make it feel like home. Here, I’ve found not only acceptance but also inspiration to champion equality. My time at NYU solidifies my belief in the power of unity for a better world.

Molly Koch (they/them) is a senior in the Gallatin School of Individualized Study studying a combination of journalism, art history, and classical archeology. Originally from Maryland, Molly came to NYU aspiring to earn their degree in the city that never sleeps. When they are not working on campus as an Admissions Ambassador, Molly can be found working chapter-by-chapter on their novel or running down the West Side highway. They are an Opinion Editor for Washington Square News, Service Chair of NYU’s Torch Chapter, National Residence Hall Honorary and a Residential Assistant.